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Plastic Box With Pvc Playing Cards

Black pvc playing cards.Very mysterious and feels good.Smooth to open like a fan.The packaging uses a plastic box with a heaven and earth cover. There is a paper sleeve outside the plastic box, and the personalized picture can be customized according to the customer.

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The raw material of plastic playing cards is plastic. Plastic is a synthetic polymer compound {polymer}, also known as macromolecule or macromolecules. It is also commonly known as plastics or resin. , you can freely change the style of the body. It is a material obtained by polymerizing a monomer raw material by synthesis or condensation reaction, and is composed of an additive such as a synthetic resin and a filler, a plasticizer, a stabilizer, a lubricant, and a colorant. Playing cards made of plastic are plastic playing cards.

100% Water Proof Plastic Mahjiong Cards

Making plastic playing cards using special PVC sheets:

   1.Crystalline material, low hygroscopicity, easy to melt fracture, long-term contact with hot metal is easy to decompose.

     2. Good fluidity, but the shrinkage range and shrinkage value are large, and shrinkage, dent and deformation are easy to occur.

     3. The cooling speed is fast, the pouring system and the cooling system should be slowly dissipated, and the molding temperature should be controlled. The material temperature is easy to orient at low temperature and high pressure. When the mold temperature is lower than 50 degrees, the plastic parts are not smooth, and it is easy to produce poor welding and flow marks. More than 90 degrees is prone to warp deformation

     4. Plastic wall thickness must be uniform to avoid lack of glue, sharp corners, to prevent stress concentration

Black PVC Mahjong Cards

Plastic poker does not absorb ink as it is printed on cards, so cards are basically printed on a common four-color offset press, while plastic poker must use a special UV press with UV drying. Since the adhesion of the surface ink of the plastic sheet is not strong, if the surface of the sheet is uneven, the ink printing will not be uniform. Therefore, the plastic card has high requirements on raw materials, and the requirements for the printing machine and the printing master are also very high. The thickness of the sheet of different thickness and the printing machine are different, and the printing effect is not the same.


Plastic poker has different thickness materials, 0.19mm-0.35mm. There are new materials and recycled materials for customers to choose. The new materials are different because of different manufacturers and different quality. The new material has high quality requirements and is generally exported to Europe or the Middle East. The recycled material is also divided into a first-grade reclaimed material and a second-grade reclaimed material. The first-grade reclaimed material is the best in the reclaimed material, and is relatively close to the new material. The quality of Grade 2 reclaimed materials is relatively poor, and it is generally exported to countries and markets where the quality requirements are not high, and the prices are more concerned about exports to the Philippines.

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