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Customized Fun Playing Cards

Customized Fun Playing Cards

This is a custom-made fun poker card in South America. The playing card material is PVC. It is mainly used for leisure travel by seaside customers. It can also be used as a local attraction. Because it is PVC material, it doesn't matter if you play in the sea.

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                                             Personalized playing cards production process

The first step: photo preparation

        First, you need to find 54 photos of playing cards (couple photos, baby photos, family photos, graduation photos, ,,,), and you need a photo on the back of the poker. The clearer the photo, the better. If the photo is blurred, the effect of the press factor is blurred. Originally, the playing card is small. If the photo pixel is low, it is more blurred, and the image pixel is at least 3 million pixels.


step 2: personalized playing cards design

          Need to use professional poker production software for design, because professional software: full-featured, diverse styles, numerous styles, more templates, simple operation, convenient design, you can use CDR, PDF or AI format vector files and vector text. We will provide professional templates for your reference.


Step3.You can send us your designs or artworks to us then our designer will adjusted and send you the artwork confirmation after making plate.

artwork confirmation

Step4. We'll start to print the front side firstly then print the back side 3 days later.


Step5.We'll make the surface treatment(glossy or linen finish).




Step7. Round corner


work place

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