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Rose Plastic Playing Cards

Rose Poker, a plastic playing cards specially designed for women, is made of eco-friendly materials, and the entire design is in black to create a feminine elegance. Feel good, easy to open fan, size 63*88

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Traditional ordinary playing cards only have entertainment functions, but today's playing cards can give it more functions. From the fiery degree of advertising playing cards, the market effect brought by custom-made playing cards is not comparable to ordinary playing cards. of. In fact, customizations like advertising cards have already appeared very early, but as the perception of corporate businesses changes, more and more enterprises and institutions choose custom-made playing cards to achieve the purpose of information promotion.


But, you know? Customized playing cards are mainly determined by the design of the creative, that is, the information to be printed on the playing cards, that is, the pictures or copywriting above. From the perspective of advertising, a card-sized card can carry a limited amount of information, which must be simple and clear, with a clear theme. For example, if we take food safety (whether a variety of foods can be eaten together), the chicken and black sesame seeds, the pattern can be designed as follows: 1, chicken + black sesame =?; 2, text description: chicken can not be the same with black sesame Eat, what will happen... it’s that simple!

Other industries are basically the same, but for some industries, we have to design from the material technology, such as: gold jewelry industry, we can use the bronzing process; gift playing cards, we can use PVC plastic material or bronzing process to enhance the gift grade. In short, advertising-type playing cards are customized, mainly highlighting information; gifts and highlighting brand-like playing cards are customized, mainly highlighting materials and crafts.


Regarding gift custom-made playing cards, we have to talk about PVC matting process today. As the name suggests, it is based on the addition of PVC material to the matte process. This kind of process gives a sense of sensation in the visual sense; there is a rough feeling on the hand. The playing cards made by this process give people the feeling of high-end, atmospheric, and high-grade, so it is suitable for gift card customization.


From the experience of our manufacturers in the past to provide gift poker customization for customers, there are three elements for gift card customization:

1. Material and technology: In addition to PVC matte process, transparent plastic poker, black plastic poker, and plastic card plus bronzing technology, this combination of materials and crafts can highlight the grade;

2. Each pair of pokers is given a different theme (color or pattern);

3, packaging form: gift box or iron box, etc., a special outer packaging can be called a gift.

Therefore, the PVC matte process is suitable for gift card customization. It is only the beginning of the game. Only the perfect combination of the three can reflect the essence of gift card customization.

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