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Custom Casino Quality 100% Plastic Playing Cards with cheaper price

Custom Casino Quality 100% Plastic Playing Cards with cheaper price

100% new plastic playing cards(custom design plastic playing cards) Size:Poker,2.5" by 3.5" material: 0.32mm 100% high quality new pvc material packing:56 cards in a one high quality paper box, 1 dozen in a inner box,144decks one ctn(12 decks blue,12 decks red)

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Product Details

Casino Quality 100% Plastic Playing Cards

Sample: available

MOQ: 5000decks

Shipping: Air, Sea or Express like Fedex,UPS, DHL etc.

Payment: T/T,West Union or Paypal

Products Description:

Type: POKER SIZED Playing cards especially designed for playing poker.

2 Corner Large Index for clear card recognition.

Made from 100% Plastic material.

The plastic has a smooth finish and feel.

Waterproof and washable, crimp and fade resistant.

Red back'Poker Club' design.

Pack contains 52 Poker Sized Playing Cards & 2 Jokers.

Pack comes in a cello-wrapped full colour tuck box.

Material:0.25mm 100% new PVC

0.28mm 100% new PVC

0.30mm 100% new PVC

0.32mm 100% new PVC

Customization:Each card can be customized individually both front and back as required

Packing: 1/12/144


Casino poker requirements:

Casino poker is a very demanding poker, unlike ordinary poker.

Casino Poker requires a clean face with no dirty spots or other marks to prevent disputes. The back is generally designed with a full back so that it is not easy to make a mark. White-border poker is rarely used in casinos, because white-side poker is used as a mark in the process of gambling due to the shrinkage of materials during the production process  and size problems caused by post-production.

Casino poker opponents demand: can not be branded, slippery is good for the dealer to deal, and can not be too slippery, too slippery, the card is easy to bring cards when the card is dealt. The folding resistance is better, the stiffness is better, and it is better to fall. The playing cards are so good that they can't be scratched or burred.

Each pair of poker is rigorously tested before it can be used in the dealer. Many casinos now print bar codes on the front of poker. Some casinos print UV invisible inks on poker, using casino-specific dealers to identify them. Some casinos already use RFID chip poker, so each poker has the same personality as a human. An ID dedicated to you.


There is a set of regulations in each competition, but these regulations are not complete enough, players need to learn some etiquette of the game, the basic etiquette and behavior of these games must also be followed and valued in the poker world.

Here are the etiquettes of the poker room you should remember:

Can't say foul language. Be careful with your language. The online poker room is an adult gadget, and no one likes to hear foul language.

Can't be rude. Not every player is like a good player, avoiding nonsense or insulting other players. You only win the game, not the player. You must be demeanor. Don't deceive too much. Be careful when the mountains and rivers meet. Stay today. He will meet each other and remember to remember.

Keep a cool head. Don't make unwise turm out of control.

It is not possible to stop the game. It is not a good strategy to slow down the game through carelessness or inconsistency. It reflects that your level is not professional.

You can't rush to make a bet. It's your turn to bet when you should bet.

No other players can be discussed. It is unethical to talk about another player's hand difference. Furthermore, you should avoid smashing another player. If you have strong desires to chat with other players, keep it short and essential.

Respect the dealer. The dealer is not as easy as you think, he is working under intense pressure. They need to work hard for a long time, and their wages are not too high. Don't be rude or glaring at them because they are awkward, they may just be bad luck.

You should say it out loud when you notice some improper behavior in the hand. If someone makes a wrong behavior, or someone makes a wrong bet. When the event is unfair, you should ask the global person to deal with it.

If you think you will win this hand, please show up immediately and don't wait for the dealer to ask you. When you do win, be humble.

Keep your game chips enough and don't pile up together. Don't play with your game chips and interfere with the game.

Keep your desktop betting position clean and don't put anything unnecessary. It's best to put only cash, chips, and paper cards for chipping.

I can definitely tell you to keep the wood expressionless, but occasionally with a friendly smile, it will make the game more exciting and interesting.

We are one of the playing cards manufacturer in China,We know our quality can't meet World famous Brand like KEM, BEE,ANGEL  who serve for big Casinos or High -Class Club.But our quality is also better for Thousands of small or medium scale Casinos.Our quality is good and our price is also competitive.

Are you a casino and want to hear everything about our high quality poker cards? Get in touch!


index 拷贝

Most Custom Playing Cards ,personized Playing Cards  or promotional playing cards need standard quality  as they have budge.We can also provide you the good quality (Bee quality,standard quality,medium quality)for you.

Give us a chance to know your requirements and maybe we can start our first co-operation from now.

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