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2 Decks Plastic Playing Cards In Tin Box

Traditional design 2 Decks Waterproof Playing Cards

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Product Details
  • 100% Plastic Washable Playing Cards

  • Poker Size (2.5 x 3.5 Inches) Large (Jumbo) index cards or Standard  Index.

  • Each deck contains 52 cards plus 2 jokers

  • Four color decks are perfect for trick-taking games like bridge and skat, and are picking up in popularity among poker players

  • 2 Decks(blue & red) in a Tin Box



A production method of plastic playing cards, which in turn includes the following steps:

1) According to the design card specifications, the playing card pattern is printed on both sides of the PVC sheet, one side prints the identification pattern and the other side prints the back pattern;

2) Infrared glazing of the printed PVC sheet with UV coating;

3) Cutting the PVC sheet according to the printing position to form a plurality of playing card blanks;(slitting)

4) Lay a number of pieces of playing card blanks together and perform edging on the grinding machine to make the size of the vouchers blank and the edges are smooth;(round Corner)

5)54 cards or a number of pieces of playing card in a cellophane packing as one deck.2 decks in a tin case.

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