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Rainbow Playing Cards

colorful rainbow playing cards In the card world, the rainbow card is the same as the "handle", the distinctive features, and the colorful back makes it popular with fans. Rainbow cards will occupy a place in most fans' collections. In the cycle of the fashion circle, different fashion trends are constantly changing, but the elements of the rainbow are never out of date. Fantastic colors give the flower cuts a unique bonus.

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Product Details

Unique Rainbow Paper Playing Cards

Poker size

310gms German black core paper

300gms art paper 

glossy surface

It is for magician show.

For hundreds of years, poker designers have been experimenting with various experiments, and the changes in playing cards have not been great. Brooklyn's team Fredericks & Mae felt that such a poker card was too monotonous, so he designed a rainbow playing card with 52 regular cards and 2 kings, just like regular poker.

The design team felt that regular playing cards was too monotonous, so they designed a rainbow playing card, but don't worry about being remembered by others because the back has a uniform color, but the front is colorful.

The design team studied the history of the evolution of poker cards, which are attached to the booklet accompanying the cards, which lists some common and difficult cards games.

The two designers said that the playing cards look very fun, they are games, but when they mention poker, most people will think of gambling and entertainment, something that should not be touched. The history of playing cards is not long. It is said that playing cards originated in China and then came to Europe through Egypt. The booklet also mentioned why A was promoted to the big name after the French Revolution.

The book says: "(Because A) symbolizes the victory of civilians over the royal family."

The only complete 15th century poker card in the world is currently on display at the Abbey Art Museum in New York. Although some shapes are different from the past, the playing cards we played today are basically the same as the original playing cards. There are still royal groups and numbering symbols. In the booklet, Fredericks & Mae did not explain why they chose the design of the rainbow. As long as such a deck of cards is not sold out in your hand, you can use it with confidence. The card is not only durable, but also has a smooth shuffle. You can do anything with this deck. The new version is very popular .

In fact, the poker manufacturer Bicycle has already launched Rainbow Poker, but the design is not as bold as this poker.

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