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Everyday, more and more print ads are in our mailbox,99% of them are never seen.We'll get your ads through the playing cards and help you reach more potential customers with ease!

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The words "big data" sound boring, but Facebook has recently turned it into a cool one.


They teamed up with a British graphic design company, Human After All, to launch a “Market Insight Poker”.

On each deck of cards, there is a market message that is integrated based on Facebook data. a circle

The main hit, by the way will get a lot of trade secrets.

paper card

The value of this deck of cards is also quite high, with red, blue, yellow, green and other colors, and is accompanied by comics to interpret. From

Santa Claus to the British Prime Minister, from Star Wars movies to hip hop singer Jay Z, just like people will send on Facebook

Like the post, the information on this deck of cards is also all-encompassing.

make paper playing cards

However, it is a pity that this card is not available to ordinary consumers. It is sent to Facebook by Facebook.

And "gifts" from partners such as advertising agencies. Facebook will be based on the different business of each organization.

We have tailored different market insights to playing cards, and more than 1,000 have been distributed to various agencies.

Of course, different market versions are also distinguished. Currently there are British, French, Italian, Spanish, all

Based on “market reports” produced by local users. According to the financial report, as of December 31, 2015,

Facebook has 159 million monthly active users, accounting for about a quarter of the world's total population.

So based on Facebook's huge user base, getting data is not difficult, but with such a friend

A good and interesting way to communicate the message effectively is commendable. And more importantly, how to use these letters


Let us see which market secrets Facebook has discovered.

make paper card

“Although Christmas is at the end of December, 41% of Britons started their Christmas shopping season in November.”

“For the British, travel abroad usually goes to the US, Spain, France, Italy and Australia.”

"British people's talk about styling, blond hair (Blonde) is the most frequent hairstyle, second only to male

Human beard. ”


“Parents who have just had a baby spend 1.6 times more time on their mobile phones than users without a baby.”

“On Mother's Day, there were as many as 94.3 million discussions on Mother's Day.”

“The estimated 13.2 million British fans on Facebook need 146 Wembley courses to accommodate them.”

make paper cards

“In the UK, there are 33 million interactive messages about Ramadan, the most on July 17.”

“88% of the discussions about the Premier League are dominated by men.”

“At the end of the graduation season, 81% of the posts about graduation were issued by the mother.”

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