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High Quality Customized Paper Playing Cards

You can Design your own custom playing cards game with the best game cards printing manufacturer for photo quality decks at discount wholesale prices. custom front side(55 cards with 55 different designs), Index, back side.

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Customized /Advertising Poker/Playing cards, also known as publicity poker cards, gift poker cards, promotional poker cards. 

custom colorful playing cards

Enterprises and institutions to promote corporate culture, and introduce their products poker, government agencies publicize policies and regulations, introduce a regional style of poker. 
It retains the general poker angle code numbers and colors, so that the basic functions of poker is preserved. 

custom blue core paper playing cards

Simultaneously on the front and back as well as poker box plus the content of the ad, so this has become a poker advertising vehicle. advertising content can be spread when people playing.

custom paper playing cards

Several design methods for playing cards

The 54 cards are arranged in a size of 6x9 (54) or 7x8 (56). The design of custom playing cards can be divided into the following categories:

1) Customization of playing cards on the back: This design method is designed only for the manufacturer's advertisements with the cards and the back of the cards, while the other cards are the original playing cards. This design is common to most custom poker cards. Customized back-to-back playing card designs are sometimes occasionally designed on Jokers.

2) Part of the playing card front customization: This type of custom playing card is generally an advertising playing card designed because the enterprise product is not a lot of manufacturers who still want to fully display. This type of playing card can be divided into four patterns (ie, four ACEs have product images) and twelve patterns (ie, J, Q, and K cards have advertising patterns). The other cards and backs are designed the same as the back-to-back advertising poker design.

3) The back of the playing card ,front  side and the small box are all customized: the design of the playing card is expensive because of the high cost, and the amount of the picture on the card design is large, and the custom playing card accounts for about 15-20%. This full-color poker also has different design methods. 54 patterns (ie, 54 cards are different), 13 patterns (that is, the cards in each color series are different and the same cards in the color series are the same), four patterns (ie, four color series) The pattern is different, and the cards in the same suit are the same), one pattern (that is, there is only one advertisement pattern on 54 cards), and the word is added (that is, the board design is no different from the general poker, only on the top or bottom of the board or Add some short words to the left and right margins).

4) Box of the playing card customization:: This kind of custom playing cards is just a card design for advertising. The back and the front of the card are ordinary standard design . Although this kind of playing cards is the cheapest, little customers choose this idea because it can't show the customer's products or designs. 

In the design of the playing card box, more than 80% of the customized playing cards have a small box design for the consideration of cost. Of course, there are also many pull-out big boxes and plastic cards. For some large financial companies, they are often willing to pay a lot of money to make customized playing cards. For example, "Mitsubishi Elevator" used a gift-type card box, which is expensive, but it is enough to reflect the enterprise.

In the production of customized playing cards, mainly using paper, of course, there are many plastic playing card materials. Most of the cards in the styling are designed with a rectangular shape, but there are also some unique designs such as square, oval and round,star, tree. Several design methods for playing cards.

paper playing cards


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