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Hand Drawn Playing Cards

Hand Drawn Playing Cards

This is a custom-made playing card. The pattern is drawn by the customer himself. If you have any design cards or some new ideas, please contact us and you will definitely create the product you want most.

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Product Details

 Customized playing cards includes advertising playing cards, promotional playing cards, gift playing cards, and personal design playing cards. It is a kind of playing cards that promotes corporate culture and introduces corporate products thru playing cards. It is a government agency that promotes policies and regulations and introduces regional customs. It retains the corner numbers and colors of regular poker, allowing the basic functions of poker to be preserved. At the same time, the content of advertisements was added to the front and back of the poker and the box, which made the playing card become an advertising carrier. Let the content of the advertisement spread when people play poker.

Advertising playing cards, I believe that there are many friends who don't know the specific definition of advertising poker, and don't know the production details of advertising poker.

Production process is as follows

1, preparation for health

paper warehouse

2, design layout plate making

artwork confirmation

3. Manuscript confirmation production printing

printing playing cards

4, glazing oil pressure


5, quality inspection

6, automatic slitting


7, the second round die cutting

8, sorting packaging


9, finished goods storage

goods warehouse

10, loading and delivery

playing cards shipping


The first step is to balance the internal stress


  Due to the uneven internal stress, the newly produced paper is prone to wrinkles in the concentrated area. Therefore, the company will carry out the natural balance of the playing card paper in the warehouse for about 3 months, so that the internal stress, elasticity and durability tend to be Evenly, this can guarantee the quality of the paper to a certain extent. In addition, sufficient inventory is also a symbol of the company's strength. The average manufacturer's inventory paper is in the millions of dollars. According to the current average paper price of 7,000 tons, it is about 1,000 tons.



The second step is to design the typesetting plate.


     Mainly the design of the front and back pattern fonts of the playing cards and the packaging of the playing cards, as well as the printing plate.

     Contains and confirms the manuscript with the customer. The main content of the confirmation is: whether the font phone and the address are different.

     The company will typeset according to the texture characteristics of the paper selected by the customer. The common one is 54 joint, 108 joint. Of course, there are unconventional board games, special-shaped advertising poker, etc.

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