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Halloween Playing Cards

Playing cards designed with the theme of Halloween can be used as gifts or event souvenirs at Christmas, and can be played with children.

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In Western countries, on October 31 of each year, there is a "halloween", the dictionary is interpreted as "the eve of all saints day", and the Chinese translation is "Halloween Night." Halloween is a traditional holiday in Western countries. This night is the most "haunted" night of the year, so it is also called "Ghost Festival." Halloween has spread to become a child today.


The festival is also a festival for young people's masquerade, and it has no religious superstition. This festival has many interesting activities and bizarre dresses. It is a favorite festival for children and a mysterious festival. Let our children feel this unique holiday atmosphere and discuss the controversial "ghost" together. This topic allows the child to face it and cultivate the child's courage and ability to resolve. Even more so that children can feel the culture of the West and experience the game faster.

Le, deliberately designed a kind of playing cards related to Halloween content.


Playing Cards is played by almost everyone, but many movies use poker as a gambling tool, so people subconsciously think that poker is not elegant.


Playing cards are a kind of sports and leisure products that are popular and popular. They mainly meet the needs of the public for sports and entertainment, and are fast-moving consumer goods. Today, as the demand for general public sports leisure entertainment is growing, not everyone can engage in expensive sports and leisure sports such as golf. Poker games are simple and easy to spread, and have become popular sports, leisure and leisure. Important choice.

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