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Golden Road Day Of Sun Large Playing Cards

Golden Road Day of Sun Large Playing Cards Summer may be running out, but these beers & cards never will. Available year round. When you drink beer with your friends, you can play the cards to enjoy your time.Same design and same shape as the beer,the cards are so cool. Cards can let your disconect to reconnect with friends,family!The friends, the cards, the memories!

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Product Details

Why choose playing cards as a promotional gift? What is advertising poker? Because playing cards is cheap, practical, and popular, the use of playing cards as a promotional item is an advertisement or product image printed on a playing card, and conveys information during the process of playing. Being a more popular advertising media is cheaper than other promotional items, more durable than promoting color pages, and more likable and environmentally friendly than any print media. High-frequency touch, zero distance facing, consumers automatically touch advertising information. The level of poker is very high and can be seen everywhere, including people at all levels of the day. The net worth of millions of people will play, and the entrepreneurs will play, including all ages, while playing and accepting advertisements, without disturbing or damaging the game behavior. Poker ads do not require additional resources to be added.


    One: cost-effective

    Compared with school advertisements, Playing cards are not easy to damage. Many people will choose entertainment relaxation during leisure time. Playing cards are necessary for entertainment, regularly throwing into poker advertisements, and playing cards are simply accepted and permanent. The more traditional four major media (newspapers, magazines, television, broadcasts) and the more popular outdoor advertising comparison cards are much more expensive.

  Two: targeted

    The advertising of the playing cards is extremely targeted. After the cards are sent to the policy users free of charge, the traditional media is compared. The playing cards are highly targeted. The traditional communication media is conveyed by the masses and is not suitable for the consumption of collective narrow products. Other non-people-oriented communication.

Three: more advertising space

    A deck of cards has a total of 54 cards, each of which is an advertising space.

    Four: strong research

    The playing card advertisement is given to the policy user free of charge, and the mobile phone number and contact information of the customer are exchanged, and the collected telephone number is used for investigation to evaluate the effect of the advertising information of the playing card. It can also be based on the traffic of the website, that is, how many people are seeing the information on the playing card advertisements, and the information is guided to the website.

 Five: simple to withstand

    Compared with traditional advertisements and online advertisements, poker advertisements are simply accepted by the audience, and they are automatically accepted to convey information in the process of audience entertainment. Traditional advertisements and online advertisements are not simply tolerated, especially online advertisements, which present pop-up windows. Advertisements with large page ads, up-and-coming ads, and ads without closed links not only fail to reach the information they want to deliver, but even make the audience conflict.

   Six: a large amount of reading

    The biggest feature of poker advertising is the high-frequency touch, facing zero distance. In the process of entertainment, the information on the playing cards is constantly read, and the reading volume of the advertisements continues to increase with the time of entertainment. Reach the intent to pass the message

Production process as below:

  1. Making plate according to customer's files or artworks then send to customer the artwork proof by email .artwork proof

  2. Check the paper stock in paper warehouse.

    paper warehouse

  3. CMYK  Offset Printing machina start to print the front side then printing the back side seveal days later.

    printing machine

    warehouse (1)

  4. Playing cards surface treatment:plastic coated or AQ coating.

5.Quality control

6.Automatic slitting  of playing cards


6.playing cards packing

we use automatic packing machine,it can improve the produce quatity and save time

playing-cards-work-place (1)work place the goods by Express, By sea or by air.


playing cards loading

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