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Paper Playing Cards With Custom Designs(Factory outlets)

CMYK Offset Paper Playing Cards with Custom designs printed by Manroland 700 Advanced printing machine,Professional workers,more than 12 years experiences on making playing cards, Automatic cutting machine.Proessional Pre-production and sales services.

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Product Details

                                    What is the theme of custom poker design?

With the advent of advertising cards, more and more enterprises and institutions choose to customize the playing cards to present the information they want to convey to the audience! But for customizing how to design the theme, many customers don't know how to be good. In fact, this problem is very simple. You only need to make your information simple and clear through simple graphic design! Below we show how several different industries are designed for playing cards:

  1. Tourism industry: Every piece of poker is a photo of a place of interest, and it can also be accompanied by simple text. There is another way, like a travel agency, you can directly open the picture and add a text description (for example: 799 yuan Hong Kong 3 days 2 nights) Zhou, 5000 yuan Thailand 7-day tour, etc.), direct and clear display to the user benefits, intended to stimulate the user's inner yearning;

2, clothing industry: There are two ways, one is the corporate brand and quality strength display, the company will be displayed to consumers in multiple directions, such as: printed on the playing cards with corporate buildings, production workshops, production equipment, product details Processing, etc.; another style, the display of clothing and models, each style wearing a different angle of the show on the model, allowing consumers to imagine the feeling of wearing their own clothing.

3, the automotive industry: for car consumers concerned about what information to show it, such as three major pieces, interior, acceleration, etc., that is, multi-faceted to let consumers understand our car, understand our brand.

In summary, the design of the customized playing card theme is mainly based on the visual of the advertisement, starting from the needs of the consumer, what information the consumer wants to know, and what information we provide. That is mainly reflected in the pattern of playing cards. Of course, the craft and material selection of playing cards can also indirectly improve the grade of playing cards.

Products detail:

Size:Poker size, 63*88mm

paper:290 gms high quality blue core paper
treatment:plastic coated, glossy finish
packing :1 deck in a 4c paper box, 10decks in a shrink wrap, 200decks one ctn.

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