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Factory Custom Casino Paper Playing Cards

Factory Custom Casino Paper Playing Cards

CASINO CLASS CARDS Anyone can play like a pro with our poker playing cards. Our cards are made in the China and are designed and tested to meet casino class standards. Each 3.5in x 2.5in poker deck is standard index (52 playing cards, 2 jokers). Each order comes with six stylized red decks and six stylized blue decks. All cards are made with high quality paper, inks, and embossed linen coating.

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Every year, gamblers from all over the world, especially in recent years, have rushed into Macau to gamble. The wealthy boss wants to make money faster than doing business. The poor man who has no money wants to have a luck. To change the economic difficulties, the wishes are beautiful.No-98-Casino-Paper-Playing-Cards-Poker-Cards (2)

Early-stage playing card production is not advanced enough, and the raw materials are also average. Therefore, the produced poker is simple and monotonous, and there are few types, which can only satisfy simple entertainment. With the improvement of technology and the needs of society, high-end core playing cards were born. Blackheart playing cards have changed the history of gambling use in a certain sense. The previous ordinary playing cards were soft in texture, smooth in feel, easy to fold, and easy to bend. The playing cards themselves were also made of a material that was easy to transmit light, and was easily seen by gamblers or instruments at that time, thus causing huge impact on the casino. Loss and unnecessary trouble.

art paper



Nothing beats a classic deck of paper cards. we use a high quality custom paper stock to give our cards a sturdier feel for a crisper snap. The vibrant inks are easy to read against the bright white paper. The paper is the perfect weight for dealing, but is also heavy enough to resist creasing from heavy shuffling. 

Since the birth of the black core paper , these problems have been solved, the high quality paper, the magical feel to the gamblers bring a different feel. The most important thing is that the black core has a super anti-perspective function, thanks to its three-layer sandwich process, which is sandwiched between a layer of special raw material made of a special layer of collagen carbon. The layer of black collagen carbon is the soul that he gave to the core playing cards, which makes the core poker have a strong toughness, a fantastic touch, and an anti-perspective function.

310gms German black core paper

                                                                     PLASTIC COATED 

Even little hands will have an easy time handling plastic coated playing cards during family game night. The plastic provides extra durability and a slick feel for easy shuffling and dealing. The coating also protects the cards from warping or bowing due to moisture. 

glossy finish

                                                                     ROLL CUT EDGES 

Our roll cut process ensures that every card is identical, so there is never the risk of receiving a factory marked deck. Roll cutting guarantees a clean edge and accurate alignment for every single card. The smooth, crisp edges make practicing your riffle, overhand, or Hindu shuffle a breeze. Every pack is wrapped and sealed at the factory to ensure that you receive the perfect deck. 

paper playing card (1)

                                                                         LINEN FINISH 

Impress your friends at poker night with a casino class set of embossed playing cards. The linen finish gives our premium playing cards a soft feel and just the right amount of grab for excellent handling and superior game play. The textured finish also helps air to flow between cards for a smoother shuffle and dealing. Take your poker game to the next level with premium  playing cards.

Embossed German paper

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