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Factory 4c Imprint 54 Cartes A Jouer Playing Cards

Factory 4c Imprint 54 Cartes A Jouer Playing Cards

PAPER playing Cards (250gms recycled paper,280gms recycled paper,280gms high quality blue core or black core paper,290gms high quality blue core paper, 300 gms art paper,310gms Chinese and German black core paper,330gms Chinese and German black core paper,410gms German black core paper )

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            Introduction to the four-color printing principle of the playing cards printing industry


Most customized playing cards customers think that as long as the R+G+B tri-colors collide in proportion to generate more than 10 million colors, why should they be black? Here, the poker manufacturer will take you to understand the principle of the next four-color printing. : When R.G.B is equal in proportion, black can be produced, but it takes three kinds of inks to produce one color, which is not feasible from an economic point of view. In fact, the use of black in the design process is very much, which is why it is printed in four colors. Another point: the black produced by RGB is compared with the black that is directly blended with ink, and the former has a feeling of emptiness, while the latter feels more solid.

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1, with the four-color principle, everyone is much easier to accept. It is equivalent to the output of four films, which is equivalent to the channels inside PHOTOSHOP cyan, magenta, yellow, black (C, M, Y, K) four Channel. The modification of the channel when we process the image is actually a change to the film.


2, mesh \ network point \ network corner \ flat network and hanging network. Mesh: The number of dots placed per square inch, 175 mesh for common prints, 60 mesh to 100 mesh for newspapers, depending on paper quality. Special printing has a special mesh, depending on the texture. Dots: round, elliptical, diamond, square, diamond, FM, etc. Corner: The angle between the line formed by the closest connected dots and the horizontal line. Flat net: The dots of the whole film are regularly distributed and the same size, like a plane, no layering. Hanging net: The size of the outlets is different, and the mesh has a layered feel.

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Internet+ believes that everyone is no stranger, what is Poker+? Playing cards + actually appeared very early, but not as common as they are now. Poker cards + actually print information from different industries on the cards of cards. For example, the tourism industry prints attractions on playing cards and fires. The industry prints fire protection knowledge on playing cards, that is, travel advertising playing cards, fire propaganda playing cards

What are the benefits of playing cards +:

1. The audience established on the playing cards is wide and sticky, so that interesting and useful information is received by the users;

2, change the large layout of traditional information, a small segment of knowledge users are more acceptable;

3, the convenience of playing cards, easy to carry;

It is the purpose of advertising for enterprises to make it easier for users to accept information. These characteristics can be satisfied by the poker cards. At the same time, their low prices are also accepted by more corporate businesses and public welfare propaganda units. The advertisement was thrown into the street, creating a messy image of the city street. So in the future, playing cards +, that is, advertising playing cards, are highly regarded by more and more business units!

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