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Animation Playing Cards

Animation Playing Cards

Anime Poker is simply a collection of services or products that can be sold or offered free of charge by the original characters in the animation and through the careful design of cartoon and animation derivative designers.

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Product Details

Anime playing cards is based on the image characters in animation, comics and games. After detailed, it will give its animation image to the poker design. After improving and innovating, it will create the same system and match the animation and game theme style of playing cards.

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First of all, there must be a work, and with the popularity of this work, the surrounding production will be sold, so it is best to make a good animation and then develop the relevant derivative products around the work. 

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At the same time, when the movie has not yet come out, you can use the derivative products of animation to test the popularity of the market, and finally decide whether the movie will be released. It is also possible to pre-heat the upcoming movie with derivative products. Poker made with anime design is a good derivative product because it is affordable, easy to carry, and has high re-use rate. The personalized design is loved by teenagers. Other types of advertising brochures or brochures are discarded because they are inconvenient to reuse, and they are thrown at will.

If you have any interests and want to put your products printed on the cards  for promotion or sale,you can cantact us at any time.


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