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Wife Beats The Cancer Monster. The Next Day, The Husband Enters The Casino And Becomes A Monopoly Overnight.
- Jan 01, 2019 -


An old man in the United States was fortunate. He learned that his wife had won the good news of the cancer, and then won a $1 million (about 7.8 million Hong Kong dollars) windfall in the casino.

The couple from New Jersey, the 85-year-old Harold McDowell, was told by a doctor on Friday that the woman with liver cancer and bowel cancer had no cancer cells after surgery.

On the afternoon of the following day, McDowell and his wife went to the casino in Atlantic City to try their hand. He bet $5 (about HK$40) in a poker gambling game, and the resulting six cards were composed of “same flush”. , won $1 million. Casino means that the chance of getting this card is about 20.34 million, and McDowell is the first lucky winner of the casino.

McDowell said: "I am playing around with my wife. I was carrying her. I turned and said to her. 'I just won 1 million.'" Compared to the winning, McDowell thought that it was better to know his wife's health. Happy, "Money is not the most important thing."

Although it turns into a millionaire overnight, it does not mean a big change in the future life of the old wife, but will go to a cruise holiday to celebrate.

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