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Why Make The Surface Treatment On The Cards Surface?
- Dec 21, 2018 -

Prints works are printed on the surface to show their value. The quality of the so-called prints is actually an inductive review of the visual effects of the prints. The gloss of the blot enhances the visual effect and becomes an important factor affecting the quality of the print. Polishing improves the appearance of printed matter.

     1. Add the gloss of the appearance of the printed matter;

     2. Improve the wear resistance and appearance strength of printed matter;

     3, anti-fouling, waterproof, light-resistant, heat-resistant, maintain and extend the life of printed matter;

     4. Special effects occur to enhance the artistic sense and furnishings of the product's appearance;

     5, add ink layer heat release and anti-wet ability, to beautify the layout, maintain the two layers of the effect;

     Therefore, glazing is widely used in the processing of printed matter such as packaging and printing, playing cards, albums, large-scale decoration, posters and the like.

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