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What Does The Picture Of The Tarot Card Mean?
- Aug 09, 2018 -

The divination tool explains the problem by analyzing the symbolic meaning of the card by placing randomly drawn cards on the specified position (card array). Common in Western divination, biased towards spiritual divination.

The meaning of the word "Tarot" is widely spread in the meaning of "kingdom", but after the mystery of the meaning of hieroglyphics in ancient Egypt, this statement has been untenable. The true source of Tarot is still being researched.

The winds of Tarot prevailed in medieval Europe. The church at that time believed that Tarot was suppressed by the demon, but it was passed down under the protection of the people. The Tarot card is a combination of 22 picture cards (Large Akana) and 56 digital cards (Little Akana). When applying tarot cards, it is okay to use a lump sum or just use a big arkana card. The cards that are drawn each time are important, and the relative position between the cards and cards is also important. There are different rules for interpreting Tarot cards. There are three simple methods, the traditional Celtic cross method, the English law and the astrology. The meanings of the four colors of the small Akana are as follows:

Scepter: Represents elemental fire, symbolizing passion, energy and creativity.

Holy Grail: Represents elemental water, symbolizing emotion, relationship, love and inspiration.

Sword: Represents elementality, symbolizing thought, wisdom, communication and conflict.

Star Coin: Represents elemental soil, symbolizing money, material and enjoyment.

Different association systems will differ in terms of opening, closing, and divination rituals, but the general meaning is similar. Although there is no need for a form of restraint, some people need to use the form of "ritual" to concentrate their mental state. The so-called opening ceremony is just after the card has been bought. Some of the arguments are for the purpose of degaussing the card or expressing the self-imposed mind. Of course, this is not necessary, it is just the concept and habit of individual people.

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