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Vegas Diffractor Holographic Playing Cards
- Nov 28, 2018 -

Add a new dimension to your tricks and games with the Vegas Diffractor™ Holographic Playing Cards. These patented one-of-a-kind cards use high-tech materials to produce a stunningly eye-catching holographic effect that changes color and brightness. Teaming up with Lance T. Miller, this holographic design on playing cards is years in the making. It was previously only seen on security and identity documents (like your passport). Available in five different limited edition designs, the Vegas Diffractor™ Cards feature standard playing card ink and layouts. The holographic artwork, however, comes in a custom transparent layer that is carefully heat and pressure stamped to the front and back with incredibly detailed, laser-cut, brass stamping plates. Finally, the cards are finished with a slip-coating, which is applied to all non-holographic areas, to maintain maximum holographic artwork brightness. Despite this complex patented construction, the Vegas Diffractor™ Cards retain the traditional texture, slip, snap, and weight of traditional cards. The cards can be purchased with a bespoke polished, anodized metal case, complete with laser-etching and a classy magnetic closing mechanism.

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