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The Sales Of Board Games Products Soared During Christmas And New Year 2019 Holiday
- Jan 04, 2019 -

At the end of the year, the two major festivals debuted. Fubon Media (845) said that the temperature across the New Year's Eve was greatly reduced, and the New Year's travel boom, pushing warm items such as warm packs and heaters, mobile power, selfie sticks, 3C accessories such as wide-angle mirrors and stabilizers, as well as purchases of board games and video games, Momo estimated that the sales of festivals driven by these two festivals will grow by about 30% compared with the normal days.

At the end of 2018, it has ushered in two major festivals, Christmas and New Year's Eve. The year-end festival erupted two popular business opportunities, "Outdoor New Year" and "Indoor Fun". The former is like a selfie stick, a wide-angle lens, a stabilizer, and the latter is a board game. Mainly with video games, such as the finger boxing machine board game, the switch game piece Super Mario party, and the Nintendo star chaos and other multiplayer games, the purchase of gas has increased significantly. In addition, the popular red party party games, such as the hot TOP1 fast stacking cup, 2018 latest board game refers to the king boxing machine, it is also very popular.

On the eve of the festival, the temperature is lower, and the warmth of small items is rising. Fubon Media pointed out that the warm and easy-to-carry warm packs are best-selling brands, and the sticky-type warm packs are also popular in outdoor cross-year activities. Consumers favor, kerosene heaters, ceramic heaters, etc. are the primary choice for indoor warmth.

Momo Shopping Network pointed out that Christmas and New Year's Eve always sing KTV, running, watching fireworks and concerts, and friends from three to five smashed into the same lens to commemorate this beautiful moment, driving self-timer stick, external fill light, wide-angle lens Other products are selling well, and in recent years, shooting Vlog has become a way for many people to record their lives. Say goodbye to the dithering picture, watch the last sunset of 2018, and welcome the New Year's dawn. The three-axis stabilizer for mobile phones is about one time higher than the same period last year. ".

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