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The Role Of White Edges Around The Playing Cards
- Dec 19, 2018 -

Whether it's market playing cards or customized playing cards, a thoughtful friend will be able to find that many of the backs of playing cards have white edges. What is the reason for cards manufacturers to leave a white side when printing the back of cards? It turns out that there are some advantages to leaving white edges on playing cards.

    First, it can weaken or avoid the influence of color difference on people. The current printing technology can't completely solve the problem of color difference on the back of cards. Adding a white edge creates a visual sense of error so that the color difference is not easily noticeable or does not look obvious. In fact, the color difference still exists.

    Second, let the raw edges look no longer so ugly. Everyone knows that the cards that have just been printed are not burrs. However, in the process of playing, as people continue to shuffle the process will appear burrs. The burr phenomenon means that the color of the back edge of the poker is detached, revealing the color of the paper itself. This is also unavoidable, unless you don't play, there will be burrs when you play. If the color on the back side is darker or the color difference between the paper and the paper is larger, the burr is obvious and it is difficult to see. Because the paper is white, the poker manufacturer only needs to add a white edge, which is not easy to see.

    These are the benefits of leaving white edges. But there is a bit of a disadvantage to leaving the white side, that is, there may be a size edge. The artificial factor of the margin is relatively large and can be reduced as much as possible. Therefore, the white-side playing cards have high requirements for the professionalism of the manufacturers. We recommend adding white edges because we have the ability to control the appearance of the size side. Of course, if you are going to design, you can actually not be white. For example, use white as the overall background color, or use the white color to make the back side. Try to make the color block a little more, and the impact force is larger, so that the color difference and the burrs are not easy to be found. It depends on the designer's understanding of cards printing.

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