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Heidelberg Acquires MBO Group, Headquartered In Oppenweiler, Germany
- Nov 03, 2018 -

Heidelberg Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Heidelberg) has started the acquisition of MBO Group. With the vigorous development of digital printing, the demand for the post-press processing market is increasing. This acquisition can greatly enhance the Heidelberg post-press business product line. In addition, the move will bring many new customers in the pharmaceutical field to Heidelberg and incorporate MBO mail system products into the Heidelberg product line.

The acquisition highlights Heidelberg's strategic focus, which is to consistently match the company's product line and new business model with the robust digital and packaging business. In addition, Heidelberg aims to use this product development to develop a new customer base for the entire product line.

As Heidelberg CEO Rainer Hundsdrfer said: “The acquisition of MBO Group brings new technology to Heidelberg, expands its new customer base, and achieves further development and profitability. By acquiring MBO's digital product line, we are able to fill the gaps in customer demand and help They will achieve a smooth production process in the future digitalization process. At the same time, we also hope to strengthen the synergy integration in Heidelberg's own value-added chain, so as to bring more practical benefits to customers."

The acquisition of MBO's business accounted for approximately 50 million euros in sales, which greatly enhanced Heidelberg's post-press business. The acquisition includes plants in the cities of Oppenweiler and Bielefeld (Herzog + Heymann) in Germany, involving approximately 450 employees. In addition, the production plant in Perifita, Portugal, operates efficiently and can bring more development opportunities to the Heidelberg Group.

“Even if the postpress business is running efficiently, the productivity of the entire printing plant still has huge growth potential.” Stephan Plenz, member of Heidelberg's board of directors and chief executive of digital technology, believes: “This acquisition is another key to Heidelberg's comprehensive product line. Steps to create greater value for customers by providing customers with a more complete product line from equipment and consumables to service."

MBO premium brand will be retained

The MBO brand has gained a good reputation in the market, and its post-press technology complements the Heidelberg product line. The two parties will work together to optimize the product line and supply chain, and the use of MBO dealers and service networks will also bring mutual benefits. Overall, the acquisition is in line with market demand and future development trends, and has a win-win cooperation foundation.

For Heidelberg, the acquisition of the MBO Group is in line with another corporate strategy of constantly innovating for the benefit of its customers to ensure the company's future growth. Heidelberg's goal is to help customers maximize the effectiveness of their printing plant processes, thereby increasing productivity and reducing costs. Heidelberg's “Push to Stop” concept, as well as the industrial digital printing product line for the packaging market – including the Labelfire and Primefire product lines – is driving the digital process. In this regard, integrated postpress solutions play an increasingly important role in optimizing the end-to-end process.

According to the antitrust agreement, the acquisition is tentatively scheduled to be completed by the end of 2018.

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