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The Number Of Casinos In Cambodia Has Risen Sharply, And The Gaming Industry Has Generated $56 Million For The Government.
- Jan 05, 2019 -

By the end of 2018, the number of licensed casinos in Cambodia had reached 150, of which 88 were in Westport, a significant increase from 2017. According to reports, there were 98 casinos licensed in Cambodia in 2017, and casinos in 2018. The number has increased by 53% compared to 2017.

Although the deputy director of the Ministry of Finance and Finance of the Ministry of Finance did not elaborate on the income generation of the gambling industry last year, he pointed out that data is being collected and reports are being produced. According to the plan, this year plans to create $56 million in revenue for the government through the gambling industry. The government will also actively promote the introduction of relevant laws, regulations and policies, and hope to generate more income through the gambling industry.

Westport has undergone earth-shaking changes. A large number of Chinese tourists and businessmen gathered here to transform the face of Westport, not only the gambling industry, but also the rapid development of catering, construction and real estate.

A spokesperson for the West Province said that the development of the Westport gambling industry is largely inseparable from Chinese investment. He also said that locals should ban participation in the gambling industry, and if the relevant laws take effect, it will have a positive impact on local people.

Cambodians can benefit directly from the gambling industry, as the number of gamblers and investors is growing, and locals can provide them with food and other sources. At the same time, the gambling industry will create more tax sources for the government and promote economic development.

However, while the Westport gambling industry has developed and created economic income, it has also caused some negative effects.

The chairman of a Cambodian social organization said that the gambling industry should not be a sought after industry. On the contrary, its negative impact on society is worth worrying about. He added that the casino may become a land of money laundering or crime. Although Cambodian natives are not allowed to participate in the gambling industry, there are still many Cambodians who have lost money in gambling.

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