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The Mainland Media Made Taiwan’s Blacklisted Playing Cards
- Jan 06, 2019 -

Recently, whether to blacklist the "Taiwan independence" elements has been highly debated by the cross-strait media. Even on the Internet, some people used more than 50 cards to give them a portrait of "Taiwan independence" in their minds, and all the words and deeds of the latter's attempt to split the country.

Netizens' self-made "Taiwan independence" playing cards on the Internet

On the 19th, Straits TV's "Today's Strait" column also made 13 playing cards based on the harm of these "Taiwan independence" elements. Among them, "pre-president" Lee Teng-hui, "president" Tsai Ing-wen and "Executive Dean" Lai Ching-de, were set to "K", "Q" and "J" respectively.

Which 13 people are listed among them? Let's take a look.

Sorted by the number of points on the card in descending order, in order:

K Lee Teng-hui

"Taiwan independence" godfather

Creator of the "two-state theory"

Lee Teng-hui, who is considered to be a Japanese in the bones, once served as the leader of the Taiwan region. He publicly called "Taiwan independence" to trigger the 1996 Taiwan Strait crisis, and then threw the notorious "two-state theory."

6 Lin Yixiong

"Legal independence"

Lin Yixiong, once the chairman of the Democratic Progressive Party, is the "independence" of the island, insisting on his own unique spiritual leader, and the "independence" represented by Lin Yixiong, promoting the so-called "legal Taiwan independence" by various means on the island. , and "into the referendum."

5 Annette Lu

"Taiwan Name Movement"

Annette Lu was the deputy leader of Taiwan and was a radical extreme "Taiwan independence". Pushing the so-called "Positive Name for Taiwan" campaign and publicly claiming that "Taiwan is Taiwan and China is China"

4 You Xiyu

Inventor of "Terror Balance"

You Xizhen, who was the chairman of the Democratic Progressive Party and the head of the administrative department of Taiwan, was the inventor of the "terror balance" theory. He once threatened that if the mainland launched a missile attack on Taipei, Taiwan would launch a missile to attack Shanghai.

3 Guo Beihong

"Individual" media

"Joy Island Front Alliance"

Guo Beihong is the chairman of Taiwan's People's Republic of China. He is the gold lord behind "Taiwan independence." He has threatened to use Taiwan's most profitable TV station to help him fulfill his so-called "independent statehood." Guo Beihong also acquainted with the "independent" people, forming the so-called "Xile Island Front Alliance" and promoting "Taiwan independence" in an organizational manner.

2 Huang Guochang

"Sun Flower" behind the scenes

Huang Guochang, the current chairman of the Power Party, organized the "Sun Flower" student movement behind the scenes in 2014, inciting students to hate against the mainland, smearing the cross-strait service agreement, creating cross-strait confrontation and seriously damaging cross-strait relations.

A Cai Dinggui

Radical "Taiwan independence"

Pulling down the bronze statue of Sun Yat-sen

Cai Dinggui, a former professor at Taiwan’s successful university, once organized a single person to pull down the bronze statue of Sun Yat-sen. During the "Sunflower" student movement, the students were called to anti-service trade, and organized independent individuals to set up tents to promote "Taiwan independence" in the vicinity of Taiwan's legislative bodies.

In addition, the program also explores whether the mainland will announce the list of official "Taiwan independence" elements in the future. Xie Nan, a special commentator of the Straits TV Channel, said that the words and deeds of "Taiwan independence" elements will be condemned by history, and the initiative of this matter is on the mainland side.

He believes that if the future needs to accelerate the process of reunification between the two sides of the strait, the mainland will revise the implementation rules of the Anti-Secession Law and produce a list of "Taiwan independence" elements in accordance with the law. If the list is actually published, the mainland will also take a series of political and economic measures to punish it.

Xie Nan also said that the mainland will decide whether or not to do so based on future research on cross-strait relations. The Cai authorities and the "Taiwan independence" elements on the island must know that their words and deeds will inevitably be tested by history, be nailed to the historical shame column, or return to the "92 Consensus", and the choice is in the Cai authorities.

As the spokesman of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, An Fengshan, said on the 16th, "Taiwan independence" is a dead end that will not work, and will only bring disaster to Taiwan compatriots. "Taiwan independence" elements should not think that what they have said can be done without any trace of water. Any "Taiwan independence" elements who are obsessed with obscurity and stubborn will be punished by history.

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