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The First Domestic Poker Listed Company, The Former Poker King Is Now Cashed Out
- Nov 28, 2018 -

As a most common way of entertainment in daily life, playing cards believe that many friends have a game of their choice. However, what we are going to talk about today is not how to play poker, but the only listed poker company in China, how to gradually smash a good hand, and then the founder is crazy.

The birth of Poker King Yao Ji Poker

In the early 1980s, with the rise of the reform and opening up boom, many people began to start business in the sea, hoping to achieve their own career. Among these entrepreneurial forces, there is an ordinary figure that Yao Wenzhao, who was 31 years old and has an iron rice bowl. At the beginning, Yao Wenzhao did not find his own entrepreneurial direction, although it was rewarded but the effect was average. Until an occasional chance, Yao Wenyi took a fancy to the cards that people like to play and began to focus on the road of poker. After a few years of wind and rain, Yao Wenyi finally founded his own poker factory in 1991 and earned the first pot of gold.

Of course, at this time Yao Ji Poker has not yet fully formed. Three years later, after Yao Wenzhao acquired a state-owned playing card company that was about to close, the well-known Yao Ji Poker was born. As a purely domestic poker, Yao Wenzhao was also tempted by many foreign companies in the development process. However, Yao Wenzhao still blessed his own brand road. It is because of this persistence that Yao Ji Poker can already produce 600 million pairs per year in 2008, and it has occupied a large number of markets.

According to some friends, Yao Wenzhao's poker factory can be said to be a comprehensive use of the poker elements, the roads in the factory are named after the four suits of playing cards. In the design of the logo, it is more integrated with the elements of world-renowned brands, forming their own unique style, which highlights Yao Wenzhao's love for Yao Ji Poker.

It was another three years. In 2011, Yao Wenqi’s Yao Ji Poker was finally listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, becoming the first poker company in China to enter the A-share market. At that time, Yao Wencheng had reached a net worth of 1.4 billion. In 2016, he even rose to 7 billion, and he was on the Shanghai Rich List.

After the listing, the performance is average, and the Yao Wenzhao family is crazy.

However, unlike other companies' listings, this unique poker company has never had a rapid development momentum since its launch, and its performance has been very flat. The former industry boss position is not sitting very stable.

Later, with the rise of mobile games, Yao Ji Poker, which has already topped the poker business, naturally began to learn to transform. At the same time, various cross-border acquisitions were started, and a total of 13 companies were acquired. A number of industries. It is a pity that none of these acquisitions has improved, but it has only dragged down the company. After 2016, the Yao Wenzhao family began to reduce the stock of Yao Ji Poker in a large amount, and made a crazy cash out. The accumulated cash amount has reached 500 million yuan.

For the various acquisitions since the listing of Yao Ji Poker, not only did not bring any benefits, but also did not bring enough benefits. Many people began to question how Yao Wenyi had smashed his own good hand, especially since 2016, the various sets of current activities are even more ridiculous. In the face of Yao Yao’s poker brand, which was created by himself, is Yao Wenzhen really ready to give up, or is it another picture?

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