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The First BGM Boardgame Exhibition Ended Successfully In Shanghai
- Jan 02, 2019 -

This BGM table tour exhibition has dozens of board game manufacturers and original designers from all over the country. You can see so many board games in one go and experience hundreds of different types of board games. For board game enthusiasts, there is nothing more beautiful than this.

The Reality Reasoning Museum is also expected to be popular, and everyone’s enthusiasm for solving the case is high. Guess not guessing that the murderer is not important, what you enjoy is the process of reasoning. NPC's face value and acting skills are also levers. Is your detective soul awakened?

You can experience fresh board games & scripts, and face-to-face with designers and scriptwriters. This opportunity is not common. Everyone is clinging to the old iron, maybe you can be a source of inspiration for your words.

The field is full of brainpower competitions, and the stage is also brilliant. In the past two days, three grand awards were presented on the main stage, and each of them played an important role in the table.

1 WODC Board Game Design Competition

WODC is the abbreviation of "World Original Design Contest of Board Game", which is a world-class original board game design event initiated by a card game.

WODC has collected a large number of submissions around the world, and invited well-known board and game designers at home and abroad to participate in the award review.

Participants in the 2018 WODC will create a theme around "China", and through three rounds of selection, they will compete for the final winners and win great rewards.

Former Japanese general manager of Japan Epoch Co., Ltd., Yuki Hiroshi, the president of South Korea's FI company, Fang Jinghuan, and the chief designer of the "Three Kingdoms" founder card game, Huang Wei, presented the award to the award-winning designer. DuPont speech from the card game VP: support originality, provide a good platform for the author, and sign the contract with the award-winning designer.

2 table games annual Chinese table game selection contest

There are so many board games for conscience, which one is what you love in your heart? 2017-2018 My favorite board game, it is up to you!

The results of the annual Chinese board game selection contest held by the “Table Tour Circle” have already been seen. Let’s see who the top three are!

First place: Rising Sun Wars Record (Tourist Wharf)

Second place: Cao Wei Kaiguo (Chessman Studio)

Third place: Tahiria 

Mr. Yan Kefeng, editor-in-chief of "Table Games", personally took the stage to award the award-winning games.

3 Three Kingdoms Kill the "War of the Kings" Annual Finals

This year's championship prize is Dupont's Haute Couture lighter with a value of 50,000 rmb. The audience in front of the TV, the battle of the king next year must come to the competition.

In addition to the wonderful games and grand awards, we also held the "BGM Board Game Industry Forum", invited some big friends in the tabletop industry to share their experiences on board games. Fang Jinghuan, President of Korea FI Company, Yu Tianyi, Senior Practitioner of Japanese Toy Industry, Founder of "Three Kingdoms Kill", Chief Designer of Travel Card Games, Huang Wei, Victory Founder & CEO Huang Shengli, Shanghai Board Game Designer Alliance Shadow Organization Independent designer of the board game, Shi Luhan, founder of JOYPIE table, Du Shaofei, general manager of Shanghai Zhuobai Culture Communication Co., Ltd., founder of mad board game, director of the card store, Huang Jiahua, editor of the Sydney board game public Alex, Jiang Kun, general manager of Jinan Haoluo Trading Co., Ltd., Gao Xiang, the operator of the public number “instant thinking”, and Jason, the curator of the BGM table show, all attended and expressed their opinions. After listening to their sharing, is it benefiting?

Let's open a world of more people's board games with friends, thank you for your presence! BGM Table Tour has the honor to spend a pleasant weekend with you!

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