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Texas Hold'em Chinese-style Development - Professional Players Monthly Income Of RMB100,000
- Oct 16, 2018 -

Texas Hold'em is one of the most popular casual games in the investment circle. The first Chinese player, Du Yue, who won the WSOP Champion bracelet, is an Ivy Capital Partner. Microsoft founder Bill Gates, stocks of Warren Buffett, Liu Chuanzhi, Ma Yun, Li Kaifu and so on are also a lot of fans.

With the growing popularity of Texas Hold'em in China, more and more people are starting to join the Texas Hold'em industry, and Texas Hold'em, tournaments and online platforms have emerged in recent years. Many Texas Hold'em players told the Beijing News that the number of regular Texas Hold'em clubs opened in China has exceeded 500 in recent years. At present, there are about 60 million Texas Hold'em players in China, many of whom are "professional players." ".

“In foreign countries, Texas Hold'em is common in gaming tables, but due to the prohibition of 'snap-profits' in China, the regular Texas Hold'em Club has adopted a point system to hold tournaments and collect tickets for players. The big events such as CPG and WPT are On the basis of collecting tickets, you also need to find sponsors.” On July 13, Zhang Wei, who opened the Texas Hold'em Club in Beijing, told the Beijing News reporter.

[professional player]

A lot of time wins 8,000 every day, the worst 3 hours lost 270,000

The entire table is only Luo Xiaojie and the opposite glasses man. After five hours of confrontation, Luo Xiaojie’s chips have been turned 10 times. If he defeats the opposite person, he will win a prize of 25,000 yuan.

Open the card in his hand, Luo Xiaojie quickly judged that this plate can be played, he chose ALL-in, hesitated a little, and followed. Both sides immediately showed their cards. Luo Xiaojie calculated that his probability of winning was as high as 95.45% in just 0.2 seconds. As long as the next card is not J, he is the final winner.

The dealer shows the last card, which is J.

"This is called Bad Beat." Luo Xiaojie said, "This word refers to a small probability that a large probability event will lead to failure. I spent 5 hours to turn the chip in my hands 10 times, but because of Bad Beat lost all the results in 3 minutes, but my play is no problem, because in the final game, I should win, and I will still be profitable in the long run."

When I was in college, Luo Xiaojie came into contact with Texas Hold'em through a roommate who grew up in the United States and quickly mastered the skills of this card game. "At that time, I mainly played on foreign online platforms such as Pokerstar, and I spent a few dollars. At that time, my monthly living expenses were 1,500 yuan, and I could earn 3,000 yuan by playing poker."

“Texas Hold'em has been popular in China since 2011. At that time, the Texas Hold'em circle in Beijing was very good. Because this game was imported from abroad, it was very fashionable. Many foreigners and girls who played Texas Hold'em played a lot. Less high-end people." Liu Hongwei, who is engaged in the management of the Texas Hold'em Club, told the Beijing News reporter.

In 2011, Liu Hongwei, who graduated from college, came to Beijing to apply for a job. He found that there are many Texas Hold'em clubs in Texas Hold'em. He had tried the test before he had the experience of the Germans. He won the second game for the first time. Name, won a 2000 yuan oil card. "I just graduated and didn't have any connections in Beijing, but I got to know a lot of people with status through Texas Hold'em. They came to play Texas Hold'em not to win, but to relax."

According to Liu Hongwei, at that time, the iPhone 4 just got up. At that time, there were 7 Texas Hold'em clubs in Beijing. The prize was the iPhone 4, which attracted many people to participate.

"At that time, I was able to win 10 iPhone4s on average every month. Of course, with the popularity of Texas Hold'em, the level of playing cards is improving. I have learned how to play other games. Now I have not played so well before." Liu Hongwei said.

In the Texas Hold'em, the masters of cards such as Luo Xiaojie and Liu Hongwei are called “sharks” and the newcomers are “fishes”.

"After the table, you must quickly find out the 'fish'. If you can't find it, you are a fish." Luo Xiaojie said that many professionals who are proficient in probability calculations are playing Texas Hold'em, hoping to win with a small blog. bonus. "For example, the last time I lost my glasses by Bad Beat is the mathematics department of Tsinghua University. Some of my friends even gave up their monthly salary of 30,000 yuan, playing full-time. The most powerful buddies have an average monthly income in a year. Both are over 100,000 yuan."

But Texas Hold'em players need to bear a huge amount of wins and losses and the ability to accept this kind of win or lose. Luo Xiaojie's highest winning record is to win 8,000 yuan a day, winning a month, and calculating a monthly income of 240,000 yuan. The "worst" record was to lose $270,000 in chips within three hours.

"What is the concept of losing 270,000 in 3 hours? I have seen losing 300,000 people who want to report to the police, but as a professional player, you must have the ability to take on such a rise and fall." Luo Xiaojie said.

In general, you need to buy chips to enter the club, and when these chips are lost, players can choose to leave, or they can buy new chips again. Some people who are in a hurry will buy chips in order to win. Continue to lose, forming a vicious circle, will lead to huge losses. And winning is very simple, just win the chips in the hands of others.

Those who are familiar with Texas Hold'em have said that in the regular Texas Hold'em Club, although the game needs to buy chips in cash, after winning other people's chips, the final rewards are realized in the form of club points and tickets, which cannot be realized, if the club Trading these points will be suspected of gambling.

"Regular clubs are not allowed to trade points, but sometimes we can privately trade, the club can not control, so that the reward can be realized." Luo Xiaojie said that he can privately find people who want to play, the points for money. “There are still people who go to the informal ‘underground cash bureau’ to play cards, where direct cash transactions can be realized.”

In the third year of entering the Texas Hold'em, Liu Hongwei transformed into a manager of the Texas Hold'em Referee and a poker club. "This is an emerging industry. Since I am good at this, I will concentrate on becoming a member of this industry. But from 2012 to 2013, the industry is very cold. Friends and parents around me don't support me to do this. I feel like me. Not doing business."

【Texas Hol'em tournament】

A total of up to 16 million rewards for a tournament

Since 2012, China has hosted the 4th China Hainan International Poker Contest (CPG) and the 5th China Sanya Poker Game Championship (WPT), as well as a large number of small Texas Hold'em tournaments.

“The organizers of CPG and WPT are different. The organizer of CPG is Hainan Huaniao Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and WPT is related to the online game platform.” Liu Hongwei said, “Although they are all events, these two events The number of 'roads' is very different. Lianzhong and Tencent belong to the game company. The original intention of their competition is to develop the online game members to the offline, and then to get the high-end players offline by acquiring the personal information of the contestants. The online platform expands the platform volume; while the cultural company has the intention of 'selling the price of the MTT tournament ticket of the daily offline club and expanding its influence, and some simply want to rely on the game to make a profit."

High bonuses are the best way to attract contestants. WPT official website shows that Chen Wei, the first person in the 2016 WPT China Tournament, received a prize of RMB 8.88 million , while Tencent announced that it will hold the first WSOP China competition in Sanya by the end of this year. The total reward of the event will reach RMB 16 million.

Many contestants will drive the development of the local tourism and hospitality industry. “For example, in Hainan Province, the pillar industries of Sanya are tourism and hotel industry. In 2012, the Hainan Provincial Cultural and Sports Department and the Sanya Sports Bureau co-organized to promote the CPG event. More than 1,000 players participated during the event. There are also many, all contestants and staff members must live in local hotels. Most people will choose to travel by the way after the game is over, which will drive the economy.” Liu Hongwei said that Hainan’s first Texas Hold'em tournament was local. The taxi driver has never seen it, thinking it was a "gambling contest", and later realized that it was a poker game.

Holding a game also requires a lot of formalities. “In the past, every time you held a Texas Hold'em event, you needed to find a license for the Sports Bureau. In 2014, the State Council issued the “Several Opinions on Accelerating the Development of the Sports Industry to Promote Sports Consumption.” After that, there is no need to apply for a permit. It is directly to the Sports Bureau for approval. If it is approved, it will be sent directly to the Internet. Where to do it, you need to find the local competition management center to report to the Public Security Bureau in advance.” Zhang Wei said.

The Texas Hold'em tournament must also carefully draw a line with the betting. “Actually, most of the Texas Hold'em prizes held in China are distributed in the form of game coins or travel funds.” Liu Hongwei told reporters, “If you get a bonus of 30,000 yuan, the organizer will give you a value of 35,000 cash. The game currency, and then sign the compensation agreement with you, if the platform can not give you these coins, it will be compensated in the form of RMB; and the travel fund will send you a 'US tour' worth tens of thousands of dollars, if you can not Look for ways to convert it to cash. That is to say, whether it is a game currency or a travel fund, the domestic Texas Hold'em tournament is not cash."

In Liu Hongwei's view, it is very difficult for many of the newly started events and event brands to be profitable because of the lack of visibility, and there is a profit point when the event brand has a certain popularity. Because every contestant needs to register real information, there are many high-end people, their information is very valuable, and the conversion rate is high for online platforms, so it is easy to pull sponsorship.

[Online platform]

"Contract" mode "head" extraction service fee

Like Luo Xiaojie, Liu Shuai also contacted Texas Hold'em through the online platform Pokerstar, but unlike Luo Xiaojie who later worked on online clubs, Liu Shuai was an online Texas Hold'em semi-professional player.

On the evening of July 16, when the reporter saw Liu Shuai, his computer screen was playing six Texas Hold'em battle windows. Each window represented a table of Texas Hold'em, with a chip count of 500 yuan to 1,000 yuan per game. Not waiting.

Half an hour later, the amount of chips in one of the windows jumped to 2000. "This game earned 1,000 yuan, and the other five games have won and lost, but they are all tens of dollars. It is no different from half an hour ago. Liu Shuai said.

Each chip in the computer screen represents a dollar, which is exchanged by Liu Shuai through WeChat payment and "head". Liu Shuai can close the window "away from the table" at any time. After the game is over, the "head" will use the chips from Liu Shuai to transfer the corresponding money from WeChat to Liu Shuai.

As a 90-year-old entrepreneur, because the business is not optimistic, Liu Shuai relies on playing cards to subsidize the family. "The highest record is to win 30,000 yuan in 10 days. The main platform is the foreign Pokerstar."

Liu Shuai said that his way of making money is to earn the game currency by playing Texas Hold'em on the Pokerstar platform, and then sell the game currency from Taobao. But six months ago, the domestic online Texas Hold'em platform was launched, and he immediately moved to the domestic platform.

On July 17, the Beijing News reporter logged into the poker platform where Liu Shuai was located. This platform uses the "about bureau" mode. That is, the player can organize the game on the platform by himself, and the game is issued to the player by the "head", and then the game is started.

The Beijing News reporter immediately contacted the platform customer service to ask where to find the "head of the bureau". The platform customer service said that she could add her WeChat to the "official bureau", the minimum entry threshold was 200 yuan, and the account was transferred by WeChat or Alipay. After the end, the customer service will return the funds to the player through WeChat or Alipay, and 3% of the profit will be used as the service fee.

There are also a variety of private "heads." Liu Shuai introduced a "head of the bureau" to the reporter. The “head of the bureau” extracted 5% of the profit as a service fee. After adding the bureau’s WeChat and paying 100 yuan, the bureau informed the reporter of the “entry” ID number. The reporter joined the Texas Hold'em and found that The field is limited to 2 hours. After half an hour of play, the reporter won 20 chips and left the table. Two hours later, the "head of the bureau" also kept the promise to send 119 yuan to the reporter.

"The Texas Hold'em game mode determines that it requires fewer servers than Landlords and Mahjong, and the management cost is low, but the purchasing power of Texas Hold'em players is much higher than that of Landlords and Mahjong players, which means it is naturally suitable for online platforms. Zhang Wei said, "Texas Poker was originally started by Boya. Later, Lianzhong and Tencent all went online and wanted to share a piece of the platform. Compared to the general mode of 'Tiantian Dezhou', I prefer the mode of the game, because the direct game only It can make the platform profitable, and the contract mode can also benefit the organizers."

"No matter which mode, the platform's way of earning money is to sell coins, just like the game selling card." Luo Xiaojie said, "Pokerstar, every day Texas, other online games, all virtual platforms have coin dealers." Act as a bridge between game currency and cash."

Luo Xiaojie said that in the contract mode, the bureau played the role of a currency dealer. They purchased a certain amount of game currency from the platform through the payment system before releasing it to the players who entered the game.

[Regulatory and Development]

Depu explores the road to regularization

"As a competitive game, Texas Hold's 'supervisory unit' is the sports bureau, and due to its gambling characteristics, the German players must also have a good relationship with the Public Security Bureau and the Civil Affairs Department, plus the treatment of Texas Hold'em. The policies vary, and Texas Hold'em has experienced a lot of wind and rain in China over the years." Zhang Wei said.

In Zhang Wei's view, the biggest blow to Texas Hold'em players is that the 2015 China (Jiangsu) Texas Hold'em Poker Tour was forced to cancel due to gambling. This made the Texas Hold'em dealers at the time stunned.

According to the "Interpretation of the Supreme People's Court Supreme People's Procuratorate on Several Issues Concerning the Specific Application Law of Handling Gambling Criminal Cases" (Law [2005] No. 3), for the purpose of making profits, organize more than three people to gamble, and the total amount of tapped profits reached more than 5,000 yuan. If the amount of gambling funds has reached more than 50,000 yuan, and the total number of gambling players has reached more than 20, it is a "gathering gambling" as stipulated in Article 303 of the Criminal Law.

As a game that requires betting and chips, Texas Hold'em is often “focused on the defense”. This is one of the reasons why many Texas Hold'em clubs adopt a point system and do not “snap the profits”.

Zhang Wei said that the region has different policies and attitudes toward Texas Hold'em.

Hainan may be the most relaxed area for Texas Hold'em. According to the Chess Word [2012] No. 91 and No. 235 documents, the National Sports General Administration Chess Sports Management Center supports the trial of the Texas Hold'em Sports Campaign in Hainan Province and Hubei Province.

The official website of CPG shows that in 2012, with the approval of the State Sports General Administration and the Hainan Provincial People's Government, the “China Hainan International Poker Competition” was established, which has the administrative license and network culture license for individual sports competitions in Hainan Province, and is played by the State Sports General Administration. The Management Center and the Hainan Provincial Culture, Radio, and Television Publishing and Sports Department are instructed by the Hainan Provincial Sports Association and the Hainan Provincial Poker Association. After four years of development, it attracts more than 200,000 people from home and abroad every year, and the total historical reward is more than 120 million yuan.

But in Luo Xiaojie's view, the future development of Texas Hold'em is not clear.

"The landlord can be renamed 'competition two dozen one' and become the national championship promoted by the State Sports General Administration. This is because the landlord's mass base in China is too broad, and first of all, the TV stations in various places have competitions to play the landlords, and there are TV stations. The endorsement of the book, the General Administration of Sports can 'shun the boat to hold the game, but Texas Hold'em is different, it does not have a broad mass base, the second need to have chips on the table frequently circulating, its own gaming is too strong."

In Liu Hongwei's view, Texas Hold'em in China needs to find a "normalized" development path in line with national conditions. "In 2013, WSOP's event director Dennis came to the domestic game as the referee. At the time, I was also a referee. I asked him how to develop Texas Hold'em in China. He said that as long as it does not affect the fairness of the game, the rules of the game are small. The changes are normal. China's Texas Hold'em should have its own taste in the rules and poker culture. I have always kept this in my heart."

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