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Tarot Cards
- Aug 06, 2018 -

Taluo Shijiu

The Tarot Nine Precepts was developed by the American Tarot Association (ATA) and is a set of rules that Tarot analysts need to follow.

The content of the Tarot Nine Precepts was originally six. After Taiwan, a person who studied Tarot for many years increased it to nine, and named it Tarot Nine Precepts, formerly known as [Tarot Ethical].

In order to adapt and fit the development of Tarot in mainland China, the China Tarot Association has revised the Tarot Masters Nine Precepts on the basis of the original 6 rules and the Taiwanese Nine Precepts. The ethical standards are also included in the necessary basic subjects for the qualification of the Tarot qualification.

1. I will interpret the Tarot card in an objective and honest manner and in accordance with the "party's ability to withstand";

2. My purpose is to assist and guide the parties to understand the "risk analysis under different angles and actions" so that they can make a decision not to harm others and benefit themselves. I will try to help the parties understand the crux of the problem and Give them room for growth and improvement when interpreting;

3. All activities related to Tarot must be in line with the right path, and their actions must conform to professional performance, and strictly abide by all professional ethics and ethics of Tarot;

4. If my interpretation is a fee, I will explain to the client and interpret it after obtaining the consent; if there is an additional fee, I will obtain the reasonable fee within the acceptable range after obtaining the consent of the party;

5. When studying tarot cards, I am willing to ensure that the teaching content and all secrets are not leaked. Unless I or others are in extreme danger or intimidation, if I encounter danger during interpretation, I will do my best to ensure the safety of the parties;

6. If the problem of the client is a medical, legal, financial and other professional problem, non-Tarot or his ability can be solved, I will advise him to consult relevant professionals and suggest that he refer to some information.

7. I will not talk about the issue of "destiny". I believe that our future is created by ourselves. I also encourage the parties to do so. I will do my best to guide the parties to know what is the effort and what is the treasure. ;

8. I will strictly interpret the information and personal privacy for the parties, unless the parties request or agree to inform the third party of the information;

9. I will try my best to delve into Tarot knowledge and expand it deeply, and practice them, while trying to give the people around me the right guidance.

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