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Printing Brochure Is Not As Good As Custom Poker Cards For Exhibition Promotion.
- Jan 10, 2019 -

Exhibiting is the preferred way for companies to develop new markets and an important way for companies to expand their markets. Through the exhibition, companies can fully and quickly understand the market conditions of new markets, and contact with buyers in the new market, surrounding areas and even the world, and ultimately achieve the purpose of selling products and gaining a certain market share in new markets. Through the exhibition, many companies sell their products to domestic and foreign customers, use the exhibition to establish and promote their own image, find business agents, and enhance corporate and brand awareness.

The exhibiting companies will print some catalogues for the exhibiting customers to request for reading, but there are many exhibitors, and the exhibiting customers cannot understand them one by one. They can only be read and compared by collecting albums for convenience. How can they stand out among many companies? Therefore, we have chosen to print the relevant information of the company on the playing cards, so as to effectively carry out the promotion of the enterprise.


Because the traditional way is that everyone shows their business through the brochure, and when you use poker to show your business, it immediately forms a stark contrast with everyone, so when the exhibitor asks for the album, it must be There will be a curiosity about your business, and the purpose of brand differentiation awareness will be achieved.

In addition, customizing this type of playing card has the following characteristics:

1. The practicality of playing cards: playing cards are an indispensable tool for recreational entertainment in daily life, so it is easy to be accepted;

2, the interaction of playing cards: playing cards is a multi-person interactive game, so its brand will get more exposure;

3, the persistence of playing cards: the practicality and interactivity of playing cards, so that it will be collected and retained, as long as it does not appear damaged or scratches, it will be retained for use, then its brand will always be concerned.

Moreover, from the comparison between the album and the playing cards, the production cost of the album is not lower than that of the playing cards, and the unconventional way of playing cards can make the brand of the enterprise stand out, so this is a good corporate brand. Do you understand the promotion method?

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