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Playing Cards Printed Security Knowledge
- Jan 11, 2019 -

Open a box of playing cards with a variety of security precautions printed on it. Fang Xuerui, director of Liang Cai’s police station, told reporters that Liang Cai’s jurisdiction is in the urban-rural fringe. Many residents have the habit of playing poker together when they are free. Liang Cai’s police station combined with rural reality, printed a safety prevention knowledge brochure and security. Prevent playing cards and warm umbrellas, print the contents of household administration services, household registration telephones, and daily fire prevention, theft prevention, anti-grab, anti-fraud, etc., and the community police will send these things to the masses when they visit, both publicity The public security work has raised the awareness of the masses and made the relationship between the police and the people more harmonious. "There are both content and comics, which are very readable."

plastic playing cards


The extensive and interactive nature of playing cards is in line with the propaganda of advertisements, so it is used by more and more institutions for public welfare propaganda. The general public has learned relevant information through this special way. At the same time, more and more businesses have adopted this method for advertising, low cost, good effect, and have been spurred by advertising merchants!



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