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- Jan 07, 2019 -


Taking time out from volunteering at Itasca County Historical Society are (from left) Barb Adams, Leona Litchke and Barb Shipka play a game using a deck of the new playing cards available at ICHS Gift Shop in Grand Rapids

Fund-raising turned into “FUN” raising at the Itasca County Historical Society (ICHS) this week as their new playing cards arrived in time for Christmas.

Lilah Crowe, Executive Director at ICHS said, “The idea was to offer something different for holiday giving this year. We wanted something that would be related to history in some way.”

What they came up with was 54 different trivia questions with 54 varying historical photos. They’re all depicted on a regular deck of playing cards. Ten business members of the historical society sponsored the decks so all funds raised could be used for a variety of projects. One of those projects will be the new, permanent Military Display. This interactive exhibition will feature oral histories by and about local folks who have served this country. It will not simply be an overview of war but will instead focus on combat veterans as well as those who did not see battle. This continuingly expanded display is set to open at the Itasca County Historical Society in 2019 and is just one of many uses for funds raised by sale of the playing cards.

According to one of the business sponsors, Paul Haddix of Haddix Locksmithing, “These cards make history fun for those of us featured on the cards and for the general public. And at seven bucks a deck they make great gifts.”

Other sponsors include the Veteran History Project, Grand Rapids North Star Women’s Club, A & B Lawn & Deck Furniture, Grand Rapids Jaycees, First National Bank of Coleraine, Wendy Uzelac RE/MAX, Northern Air Plumbing & Heating, Timberlake Lodge and Jerry & Shirley Miner of Miner’s Piggly Wiggly.

The Itasca County Historical Society has the playing cards on sale in their Gift Shop. The public is invited to stop in and look over the displays and exhibits that proceeds will help fund. There is no charge to visit the Museum or Gift Shop.

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