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A Set Of Playing Cards To Show You The Currency Circle
- Nov 25, 2018 -

Recently, the blockchain public number "Daily Currency Reading" After half a year of preparation and design of the team, a set of comic playing cards based on the famous blockchain characters in China was launched.

In addition to the most well-known bitcoin founder, Nakamoto Satoshi, there are well-known blockchain project founders such as Shuai Chu, Huang Minqiang, Da Hongfei, etc., as well as early bitcoin investors and opinion leaders such as Li Xiaolai and Guo Hongcai. . It even includes some comic characters and grassroots reds, such as "Che Guevara". It can be described as a true record of the characters in the Chinese blockchain.

Let us reveal the origins of these big names:

Bitcoin playing cards

Nakamoto Satoshi, founder of Bitcoin, the same mysterious figure. In 2008, Nakamoto published an article in a mail group discussing information encryption on the Internet, delineating the basic framework of the Bitcoin system. In 2009, he established an open source project for the system, officially proclaiming the birth of Bitcoin.

At present, he still does not know who he is. Nakamoto is perhaps a group of people. They are leakers of pacifism. They want to challenge the old order and build a fairer and more equal society. Education there can be distributed freely and freely to everyone, where privacy is a right, not a privilege. All in all, for those who are pursuing a fairer world: we are all Nakamoto.

V God, the genius boy Vitalik Buterin, the insiders generally call him V God. This 94-year-old boy is already one of the most sought-after figures in the current blockchain world. The Ethereum he created can be said to have pushed the blockchain from the 1.0 era to 2.0.

Li Xiaolai, the richest bit of Chinese bitcoin, an angel investor, is perhaps the most well-known figure in the Chinese currency.

Wu Jihan, born in 86 years, graduated from Peking University, holds a double degree in psychology and economics, and is the founder of Bitian. This name with heroic temperament is also very influential in the circle, a low-key strength. Daxie, the power of the emperor, a generation of mines.

Shen Bo, a distributed capital partner, is the largest fund in China's professional investment blockchain. Shen Bo was originally a founding team in BitShares and has extensive knowledge and experience in hedge funds, investment banking and securities.

BM, the real name Daniel Larimer, the founder of BTS and EOS, is a program god who advocates the free market. As a genius technician, BM is often compared to V God. The EOS created by BM is known as the blockchain operating system most likely to replace Ethereum.

Da Hongfei, CEO of Xiao Ant, is also the founder of the small ant blockchain, and the CEO of Onchain Distribution Technology. Early participants in the Bitcoin movement, activists in the digital currency community.

Shuai Chu, founder and CEO of Quantum Chain Qtum, graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. During his Ph.D., he worked on blockchain technology development and participated in many blockchain projects at home and abroad. Qtum is also the first intelligent contract platform for large-scale POS mechanisms. The billing rights are distributed to 2000 global accounting nodes, and its future scalability is relatively good, which can support large-scale applications in the future.

Han Feng, also the founder of Yun, also came to the cloud to make a new design of Internet security through computational thinking.

Bao Erye, formerly known as Guo Hongcai, is a famous currency circle opinion leader and angel investor.

He Yi, who is known as the “one sister of the currency circle”, co-founder of the coin security, has an amazing resume. She was once a popular travel TV host and later joined OKCoin, one of the three major exchanges in the country. In her capacity as co-founder, she pulled OKCoin's market share to 60% domestically. After a short leave, a sister joined the currency in August 2017.

Prince Gong, the founder of blockchain pencil, has many years of IT and financial background, translated and wrote a lot of relevant materials, and has a book called Digital Currency.

Old Cat, co-founder of Coin Capital, is currently the CEO of the Bigone Exchange. Babbitt columnist.

Yang Yang, founder of "Anyang Interview", Guo Hongcai's wife.

Zhao Changpeng, founder and CEO of Coin, is a trading platform that focuses on blockchain assets. One of the best trading platforms for user experience, secure and convenient blockchain asset exchange services, aggregating global high-quality blockchain assets, and committed to building a world-class blockchain asset trading platform.

Zhou Shuoji, founding partner of FBG Capital, p2phf partner.

Xu Mingxing, founder of the domestic Bitcoin exchange OKCoin, former CTO.

Martian, the founder of the blockchain project Braised Pork (HSR).

RogerVer, Bitcoin Jesus, Bitcoin Angel Investor.

Li Lin, founder of the fire coin, a continuous entrepreneur, graduated from the Automation Department of Tsinghua University in 2007 and founded the Fire Coin Network in 2013. He led the team to develop the fire currency into the world's leading blockchain asset trading platform, and Shenlong saw no end, and the fire currency network may not be able to see the currency circle.

Lu Xujun, CEO of Wanwei Chain, former co-founder and CTO of Factom, and the blockchain team led by Xu Jun designed and led the development. The core team has many years of underlying platform and blockchain development from China and the United States. Experienced senior engineers. It is worth mentioning that there are many doctors in cryptography in the team, who are responsible for the design and demonstration of mathematical algorithms and cryptography applications. At the end of 2016, the team initially completed the theoretical demonstration of cross-chain transactions and privacy protection, as well as the prototype development of transaction privacy protection.

Tan Guopeng, Babbitt columnist, founder of Bitco, the earliest explorer of bitcoin payments.

Huang Lianjin, an expert in Huawei's blockchain laboratory.

Early Summer Tiger, CEO of the Yuan Dynasty, Chairman of the Yuanjie Foundation. A veteran digital currency player and a veteran blockchain industry expert.

Chang Hao, the founder of Babbitt, is more than the founder of the original chain.

Li Qiwei, founder of Litecoin, CEO of Leipzig Mine Pool.

Zhu Jiawei, the chief operating officer of Firecoin, worked for Oracle before joining the company. He has extensive experience in corporate management and data analysis. During his tenure at Capgemini Consulting, he served as the head of numerous projects and served dozens of well-known companies such as Tencent, Sohu,, and China Resources Group.

He Bin, founder of imToken, imToken is a digital currency wallet.

Du Jun, founder of Golden Finance, Golden Finance is a one-stop blockchain industry service platform integrating industry news, information, market, data, encyclopedia and community.

Zhao Dong, founder of Dfund, is also a well-known early investor in Bitcoin. He is also a shareholder of Bitfinex.

Zhao Guofeng, founder of Bitcoin World, a bitcoin enthusiast, Southeast Asian investment and entrepreneurship.

Xue Manzi, a well-known angel investor, on the 6th of 2017, Xue Lao and Li Xiaolai ate a microblog after a meal and finally found the road to wealth and freedom. In less than a month, it entered the currency circle with great strength.

Pan Guoli, founder of the currency trend, founded the currency trend in 2015. The brand mainly uses data to analyze the entire digital currency market or the blockchain market.

Huang Tianwei, founder and CEO of Bit Times, has served as Tencent Product Manager, Vice President of Fantsey, and Chief Strategy Officer of Prestige Banking.

Jiang Zall, founder of the Litecoin Mine Pool.

Sun Yuchen, founder of Wave Field (TRX), Ma Yun disciple, born in 1990, Master of American Ivy League University of Pennsylvania, Bachelor of Peking University.

Shen Tuqing, founder and CEO of Silver Chain Technology, is mainly engaged in the development of application platforms.

Cancer, member of the BTS Board of Directors, Babbitt columnist.

Plateau Feiyan, the founder of Mengmeng.

Liu Yang, CEO of BitKan, a former Huawei executive.

Pay a big head, the founder of the thousand-party fund, invested in small ants, earned 4,000 times the man.

Huang Minqiang, founder and CEO of Gongxinbao, Huang Minqiang is the core developer and senior product manager of Gongxinbao Data Exchange. The former vice president of Zhejiang University's new Internet technology, Han Ding Yuyou CTO, and general manager of Han Ding Yuyou Jinfu, in the data Exchange and internet finance have extensive work experience.

Chen Gang, co-founder of ETCWin, is a digital currency exchange based on Ethereum's original chain (ETC), using ETC as the underlying digital currency to trade other electronic cryptocurrencies and bases.

Zhou Zhaohui, president of the Internet Society of China Internet Society, said that he wrote a book called "cutting amaranth."

Duan Xinxing, a founder of the original chain, is a blockchain interaction protocol with a multiplicity of bit assets. It runs on different types of assets than the original chain (revenue rights, unlisted shares, claims, numbers). Currency, etc.) can be exchanged through the agreement, gambling and intelligent contract-based complexity interaction.

Big air wing, Shenzhen famous blockchain investors, thousands of project professional households. It is worth hundreds of millions.

Li Feng, founder of Malangoco, received his Ph.D. in particle physics from SMU in 2005. He was involved in the theoretical and experimental research of Higgs particles while working at CERN. Formerly the company's co-founder and chief technology officer, the company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Prior to this, Li Feng was the first general manager of Alibaba's Taobao mobile platform and another business of Alibaba. General manager of the department.

Han Jiangxue, the founder of the daily currency reading, Han Jiangxue leads a group of digital asset enthusiasts and very reliable young people, to establish a subscription platform focusing on blockchain information, daily currency reading to provide readers with the latest on time every day. The most comprehensive blockchain information, dedicated to building a world-class blockchain information platform.

Superman, Suppoman Udemy, British, opened a cryptocurrency investment advice course on YouTube. The number of subscribers is up to 130,000.

Little black brother, blockchain commentary expert, the currency that Xiaohege has commented on, the increase is very amazing.

Heaven and earth, and old-fashioned faces, all the blockchain-related venues will go, so it has become known as "the old man".

The old man of Stud, who was originally the protagonist of the "Zombie Bargaining" incident, was exaggerated by the expression and was spoofed by the netizens of the currency circle. He became the representative figure of "Stud Spirit" who won the tender of the club and lost the work of the sea.

Lang Xianping, a famous economist, was ridiculed by bitcoin enthusiasts for having published "You send me bitcoin, I won't want it."

Stealing Guevara, Net Red, was known for stealing TV programs on electric cars and saying "I will not work when I am working, and I will not work in this life." The netizens used by the currency circle used to ridicule the illusion by speculating the coin overnight.

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