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Paper Selection For Promotional Playing Cards
- Dec 19, 2018 -

Advertising playing cards has become a part of our daily life. Whether it is going to the shopping or on the way to the car, there will always be people who advertise the playing cards. Some people will be curious and then take it down. Some people will pick it up because of practicality, but in the process of using it, it will show such a situation. Some playing cards are very comfortable to touch, while others are very bad. And even the slag will fall. So how do you choose the raw materials for paper when you order advertising cards?

    As we all know, the quality of advertising playing cards directly affects the manufacturing role of advertising playing cards. Many people have used poker cards for so many years, but they still don't know what paper they are made of. Let me give you a brief introduction on the paper for advertising cards.

    General advertising playing cards are all special paper. This kind of paper is suitable for hand feeling, paper hardness and stiffness. Most of them are used above 250 grams, but the choice of paper is not the thicker the weight, the better. It depends on the quality of raw materials.

    Common papers for advertising playing cards include whiteboard paper, coated paper, black core paper, blue core paper, etc. However, coated paper is less resistant to falling than special paper and is not commonly used. White cardboard usually has three or four layers after being combined in the mesh portion, and then formed by coating. The difference between blue core paper and white cardboard and black core paper is that the core layer of the blue core paper is dyed blue, and the core layer of the black core paper is dyed black, and generally the first is anti-seepage and anti-counterfeiting. However, playing cards are not only made of paper, but also many other raw materials. However, most of them are used for preservation.

    So, the next time you customize your playing cards, do you know which paper to pick?

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