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Notes On The Production Of Playing Cards
- Dec 20, 2018 -

Playing cards can be seen everywhere in life. When you go to the old lady of the 80-year-old, you will know all about it. In the spare time, several friends will play cards together. Now, in many families, one or two decks of cards are prepared. Then, for merchants engaged in the sale of playing cards, they will buy poker cards early in the poker industry. As for the poker manufacturers, when dealing with playing cards, there are more problems in demanding attention, and the problem of demand is the problem of humidity.

When playing cards in the winter, it will be affected by the relevant environment. Falling temperatures in winter will affect the stiffness and elasticity of the products. At this time, poker manufacturers should pay attention to the adjustment of humidity when producing playing cards. The ability to extend the drying time to ensure the quality of the playing cards.

The length of the assembly line of the general playing card glazing workshop drying equipment is fixed. At this time, the playing card can only adjust the rotation speed of the equipment, so that the playing cards after glazing can pass the drying equipment slowly to extend the drying time. In this way, the moisture of the playing cards will be reduced as much as possible. Of course, the speed of playing cards will slow down and the daily output will fall. Other dry playing cards should be packaged as quickly as possible to prevent moisture in the air from entering the playing cards.

When playing cards, poker manufacturers also need to consider the material selection and planning elements, but the elements of these aspects can be improved through the best efforts, and will not become a big problem. It looks like a simple playing card, a harder paper with some patterns, but I don't know that there are many processes and equipment processes behind it. I can't make mistakes in the middle. If I don't pay attention, it will affect the quality and appearance!

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