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Life Playing Cards
- Sep 30, 2018 -

A card can be skipped once...

Fifty-four cards can experience a full life.

The new school year begins. Charlie’s class was replaced by a new class teacher. The new teacher is a little old man with a gray hair and a thick voice. He just stood on the podium and announced: "I have a gift for you." Then I took out the spree and sent each student a pair of poker. Everyone was inexplicably confused by the teacher’s actions.

This deck of cards is very special. Each card has a "big king" on the back and different words on the front. The teacher asked Charlie to read his card. Check the concept: "A card can sleep a lazy; a card can be skipped once; a card can make noise..." The teacher asked Betty to read... When several students read fifty-four cards in their hands After that, everyone was both excited and surprised. At this time, the new teacher said: "Students, my name is Ubunt Shengdan. I have another gift for you." Next, every student gets a Dickens "David Cobo." Phil. Teacher Sheng Dan made a speech again. “There is a wealth of historical knowledge, colorful characters, and profound connotations and strong emotions. As long as you start reading it, these are yours.” A class has passed. The teacher didn't seem to say anything, but the students felt that they had gained a lot.

Charlie was the first person in the class to use poker. In one lesson, he took out the "can sing freely" card and actually got his wish. Charlie tasted the sweetness and couldn't get rid of it. One day, he watched "David Copperfield" until midnight, and he couldn't get out of bed the next day, but his "can sleepy" card was gone, and he had to smack into the classroom. Check the ideal to change the card. "Hey, can I change this one for you with three sheets?" He asked everybody during the class. Thus, a small "pocket trading market" was born. Charlie almost used up all of the cards in order to switch to the cards he needed. And with this deal, Betty has more and more cards in his hands.

The active atmosphere in the class of Sheng Dan’s teacher caught the attention of the school. The female principal, Mrs. Perez, issued a “yellow card warning” to Mr. Sheng Dan, but the teacher of Sheng Dan is still me. Excerpt from:

During a break between classes, the students discussed a TV series in full swing and were banned by Mrs. Perez. The students invariably pulled out a "can make noise" card, and they just gave Mrs. Perez a "clam". Of course, the next step is that Sheng Dan’s teacher was reprimanded by the principal. But when Sheng Dan returned to the classroom, the students held the card "Can kiss the teacher once", so the teacher of Sheng Dan accepted the kiss of the whole class.

The students found it too fun to use the same card at the same time, but this can be a bit of a pain. One day, when Sheng Dan’s teacher came to class, he only sat in the classroom with Charlie. It turned out that the students had an appointment to use the card "can skip school once" and Charlie had run out. The whole class fled the school collectively, and Mrs. Perez was furious and decided not to renew the contract with Mr. Sheng Dan in the next semester.

In the last class, Teacher Sheng Dan asked everyone: Do you think I will like the students who use the playing cards? Or would you prefer a classmate who hasn’t used poker? Betty's playing cards are the most, she said: teachers must prefer students who have not used playing cards. Who knows the teacher shook his head: "No, I give you playing cards, just to let you use it. In fact, from the day we were born, we have a lot of playing cards, I hope everyone can play every poker card in life." Before leaving, he gave each student a blank notebook. The first page reads: The cards that tell me about my life.

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