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Learning Sight Words Flash Cards
- Aug 06, 2018 -

The copyright of "Right Brain Literacy Flash Card" belongs to the Xuezhiyuan Education Group. The source of the right-brain literacy flashcard is the Nobel Prize winner's American psychologists Sperry and Maiers's left and right brain function sharing theory. Using the working principle of the right brain hippocampus photographic memory, the advantages of the right brain potential can be fully utilized, and a large number of Chinese characters can be instantly converted into images, thereby allowing children to easily record a large number of Chinese characters in the teaching game.

Basic characteristics


Using the right brain hippocampus literacy theory, coordinate the use of left and right hemisphere literacy, literacy efficiency. After trials in dozens of kindergartens across the country, children aged 3 to 5 will be literate 300-400 a week, increasing the speed of existing literacy by 80 to 100 times.


Using the Nobel Prize winners American psychologists Sperry and Maier's left and right brain function sharing theory, turning Chinese characters into graphic images, using the right brain instead of the left brain memory, changed the traditional literacy education. "The situation, the real breakthrough has achieved "more, faster, better."


Through the right-brain literacy flash card, coordinate the use of the left and right brains, pay attention to the development and utilization of the right brain, and stimulate the senses, promote the dendritic branching of the right brain cells, axonal elongation and generate many synaptosomes, cells while learning Chinese characters. Forming a sophisticated network, the more stimuli, the denser the network, the smarter people are.


The right brain literacy flash card turns the image into a word, and the word is restored into an image, which is vivid and interesting, and the children simply do not feel that they are literate. Let the children interact with the word map by flashing the game and literate in the fun of the game.


The right-brain literacy flash card is easy to carry, and can be scattered or concentrated to keep the children in the literacy environment all the time, with the conscious words anytime, anywhere. In the park, you can also play the right brain literacy game with your baby.

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