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JQK Is A Famous Figure In History
- Dec 03, 2018 -

Playing cards are very common card games in our daily life. A deck of cards has fifty-two long cards, two decks, that is, kings. In all parts of the world, various kinds of games are popular. There are bridges, 24 games, Texas Hold'em, etc., and there are more games in China. The national games such as the competition, the landlord, the game, each There are different ways of playing in different places, Beijing people play fast, Inner Mongolia people play big A, and so on, we can't leave playing cards in our lives all the time, but do you really understand this kind of cards? The following small series will introduce you to the five secrets in Cang Cai playing cards, don't be scared!

Poker cards are actually designed to have a deep relationship with the astronomical calendar. We all know that there are fifty-four cards, 52 of which are genuine, representing fifty-two weeks of the year. The deck also plays a role. All the points of the playing cards add up to exactly one year's points. If we treat J as 11, Q as 12, K as 13, and size the king, remove the size card and count all the cards. The added number is 364, plus Xiao Wang is 365, plus King 366, do not believe you can add a try! And JQK represents the famous people in history. Spades J is Charles's attendant Hokka, Fang Qian J is also Charles's attendant Lorraine, Plum J is Arthur's actual Lancelot, and Red J is Charles 7. The attendant of the world, Lahaya,

The red peach Q is the Huang Hong Jules of Charles I, the goddess of the war of the spades Q Ashina, the square piece Q is the queen of Claire, the plum blossom Q is the queen of the Lancaster royal family,

K’s coming is big. Spades K is the father of Israel’s King Solomon, David K is Charlie the Great, Square K is the Emperor, and Plum K is Alexander the Great.

The color of the playing cards also contains secrets. The playing cards are divided into two colors, red and black, which symbolizes that the earth has day and night, and is divided into four colors, which correspond to spring, summer, autumn and winter, and each quarter of the earth has ten. For three weeks, each suit is exactly thirteen cards, with 91 days in each quarter, adding up to 91 points for each suit.

There are three JQKs in each suit, and there are exactly four of the four suits, and these twelve have the meaning behind them. Twelve of them represent the earth for twelve months, and there are also twelve astronomical discs for Western divination. Constellation, so some Western diviners will replace the JQK of playing cards when there is no astrolabe.

The origin of playing cards is still not completely certain. Some people think that playing cards have evolved from the French tarot cards, while others think that playing cards are transmitted from Egypt to Europe, and the king is invented by the United States. But in fact, if traced back to the source, paper toys like playing cards originated in China. In the era of Zhou Dynasty, the Chinese invented a game called "Leaf Card", made of paper, each deck has 40 pieces, a lot of patterns, so far, the playing card and the leaves of the Zhou Dynasty are no different.

Did you find out that among the playing cards, the spades A and other cards are somewhat different. The spades A are more complicated than the other cards. This is actually used for anti-counterfeiting. After the cards were passed to the UK, they quickly became British. The darling of the society, so the British authorities played the idea of collecting taxes, so the rules for playing cards are not allowed to print the spades A, only the official can be issued, in order to avoid counterfeiting, the design of the spades A is complicated, this tradition Has been retained until today.

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