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How To Use The Skin Care And Maintenance Common Sense To Promote Related Products
- Jan 03, 2019 -

Saying that custom-made poker cards are suitable for branding or product promotion in various industries, how can we achieve an effective brand or product promotion through customized advertising cards? Before that, let's first popularize the common sense of advertising cards: playing cards is only a carrier, and advertising design is the key. Effective advertising copy design is perfectly combined with the playing card carrier to achieve its greater effect. How to design to achieve the corresponding effect? Before we do that, let's take a look at the characteristics of custom poker:


1. The extensiveness of playing cards: The playing card has a wide audience, both men and women are young and old. I believe that no carrier other than the coin can match it, which leads to the birth of advertising cards;

2, the interaction of playing cards: the special interactive features of playing cards, so that the advertising on the playing cards can be more exposed by more people;

3, the freshness of playing cards: traditional poker cards are the same, the personalized design of customized poker cards, quickly let the audience have a sense of freshness, so as to quickly establish a brand or product awareness with the audience.

4, the timeliness of playing cards: the use of playing cards is frequent, resulting in a certain service life, but as long as the playing cards do not have creases, they will not be discarded;

5. Acceptability of playing cards: Compared with the carrier of other advertising information, the carrier of customized advertising playing cards indirectly embeds information into the hearts of the audience, which is itself a practical need for people's daily needs. Things, so people are happy to accept it.

Understand the above characteristics of custom playing cards, then how can we use our skin care and maintenance knowledge to play cards to carry out our products or brand promotion?

  1. Distribution of playing card carriers: The background of the playing cards is unified with a background pattern and the brand LOGO or slogan is in the middle, which is highly recognizable and uniform, and can well carry out the brand and audience in the process of playing card entertainment interaction. Information docking;

2, the design of the playing card copy: King size is based on the core needs of our core target customer groups to design the copy, other playing cards is the daily skin care maintenance tips, the front of the card in addition to the design of these information, The brand and slogan of our products appear below the front of each card.

In summary, since it is a common sense of skin care and maintenance, then its docking products must be related to the industry, because it is natural to guide consumers through common sense, thus having an indirect understanding of our brand or product, This way our customized advertising cards can achieve the effect we want!

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