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How To Store Playing Cards
- Dec 21, 2018 -

First, the playing cards should not see light exposure or long exposure. Poker must remain bright and new for a long time, not always exposed to sunlight, and not exposed to the sun. Intense sunlight can make cards fade and fade. Poker should be displayed in dim light and stored in dark conditions. Putting poker in a frame or showing it near a balcony or window, too much exposure to direct or diffuse light is not desirable.

    Second, to avoid a variety of chemical pollution. Place the cards in a place away from kitchens, garages, toilets, etc. to prevent contamination from soot, detergent, and gasoline. Poker that has been contaminated with ink, ink, oil, detergent, etc., and used poker should not be mixed with clean new cards. It is best not to smoke, talk, drink tea or eat while watching cards.

    Third, pay attention to the hand to touch the playing cards without washing your hands. Organize the cards  and make exhibition boards, and develop the habit of washing hands after wearing or wearing gloves. Cards touched by hand, it is easy to leave fingerprints, sweat, dust, affecting the beauty of poker, leaving mold is more likely to make cards moldy, not easy to save for a long time.

    Fourth, can not be stored in a mess. playing cards, books, exhibitions, and derivatives should be organized, sorted, and stored. Newly purchased or exchanged poker cards should be cleared in time and kept in a safe place to avoid cards when you enjoy or use them.

    Fifth, pay attention to acid and alkali erosion. Acid-base substances can make poker discolored, faded, corroded, and damaged, so cards can't be placed with various acids and bases. It is even more difficult to clean used poker and cards derivatives with acid and alkaline substances.

    6. Pay attention to sticking poker directly in the exhibition. After the cards application pockets on the film are installed, they will be attached to the exhibition film with double-sided tape. The cards on the exhibition film should be removed together with the protective bag. It cannot be hard torn, otherwise it will destroy the appearance of the cards. The integrity of cards.

    Seven, do not stack cards. Cards should be placed vertically in a bookcase or bookcase or carton. It is not advisable to have multiple layers of overlapping presses. Otherwise, the time between each piece of cards is easy to stick. The overlap of the display can cause the paste between the cards and the film. Tearing occurs, affecting the phase.

    Eight, pay attention to closed storage. Cards collection should pay attention to ventilation and ventilation, and eliminate the use of chemical additives, inks, covering agents, polishing agents, adhesives and other chemical gases in the production process to reduce damage to the human body. The top of the show bag and display should be open and should only be used for short periods during the exhibition. Long-term closed storage makes it easy for cards to become damp and mild, and chemical gases affect people's health.

    Nine, pay attention to the mildew and mildew. Cards is a paper product that is prone to mildew and damage. Keep the poker storage in a dry and ventilated place. Do not store in a damp and poorly ventilated place such as a basement, storage room, garage, under the bed, bathroom, kitchen, etc. After the Meiyu season in the Jiangnan area, the cards should be scattered and breathable.

    Ten, pay attention to insects and rodents. Dry and suitable weather inspection collections should be selected once or twice within one year. A few hygienic balls should be stored in the cabinet of the storage box. A few pieces of thyme paper are placed in the display book to prevent pests and rats and ensure the complete quality of the cards.

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