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How Did The Poker Card Come From
- Aug 06, 2018 -

How did the poker card come from?

Poker has two meanings: one refers to playing cards, also called playing cards, and the other refers to games that are played by playing cards, called poker games. There are two common types of 54 cards and 60 "two-dimensional poker". There are many sayings about the origin of poker. Some scholars in France, Belgium, Italy, and Egypt, India, and North Korea believe that the invented place should belong to their own country, but it is still undecided because there is no conclusive historical data. So far, there is no conclusion. Nowadays, the view that poker is generally accepted by Chinese and foreign scholars is that modern poker originated from a game card called "Leaf Play" in the Tang Dynasty of China. According to legend, as early as the end of the Qin and Han dynasties in the late Qin Dynasty, the general Han Xin invented a card game in order to ease the homesickness of the soldiers. Because the board is only the size of the leaves, it is called the "leaf play." ("Leaf card", with two fingers. The "leaf card", 8 cm long and 2.5 cm wide, is made of silk and paper, and the pattern is printed in woodcut.) It is said that this is the prototype of playing cards.

In the twelfth century, Marco Polo brought this card game to Europe, which immediately aroused great interest from Westerners. In the beginning, it was just a luxury for the nobility, but because it was cheap, varied in gameplay, and easy to learn, it quickly became popular among the public.

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