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Playing Cards, After Adding A Few Extra Strokes, The Cards Will Not Play.
- Dec 02, 2018 -

The little brother draws with playing cards, and after adding a few extra strokes, the playing cards will not play.

With the improvement of living standards, many people have become interested in many things other than eating and drinking. Painting is a very temperamental thing. It is also a good choice to draw some things you like in your spare time. The little brother is holding two very ordinary playing cards and painting. It is especially simple to start watching him. When he puts the two together, the idea has to be admired.

poke playing cards

The playing card in the hand of the little brother is a box two and a king. This is the two ordinary belts that can't be used in ordinary things. It is still quite common in our lives, but it is such a simple prop that is placed in the hands of the little brother. It’s not the same. I saw that he started to draw a hand on this square, which is completely drawn according to the pattern of this poker.

poke playing cards (2)

The little brother used a simple poker box to draw two. He didn’t know what he was doing. He saw that the brain of this little brother is really big. I like this kind of presence, and this The painting is actually a sense of no violation. Looking at it is like he was like this.

Hand drawn playing cards (2)

This playing card king is a clown's pattern, so the little brother will draw two hands before the long box two, and draw some lines like the box two in the manipulation of this king action, so simple two cards actually It’s not the same effect that was played by the little brother. The imagination of this brain hole is really admirable.

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