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Four Common Misunderstandings Of Playing Cards Paper
- Dec 19, 2018 -

When we talked with some customers, I found that they often had some misunderstandings about the paper used by the advertising poker manufacturers. Now I will analyze some common misunderstandings.


       Misunderstanding 1: The paper gram represents the thickness and quality of the paper. Most customers think that the grams of paper is the only standard that represents the thickness and quality of the paper. The larger the number of grams, the thicker the paper and the better the quality. This is obviously a misunderstanding of the grams of paper. The gram of paper is only the weight of one square meter of paper, and there is no necessary connection with the thickness and quality. As we said, 280 grams of paper means that the paper weighs 280 grams per square meter. The practical significance of the grams of paper is a measure. When selling paper, it is measured by tonnage. Knowing the grams of paper can calculate the actual area of a piece of paper, and you can calculate how many advertising cards can be made on this paper. For the poker manufacturer, it is a calculation basis for the blanking, but it does not make much sense to the customer. Because the types and materials of paper on the market are very different, the weight of one square meter of paper of the same thickness is fundamentally different due to the weight of raw materials. In reality, many high-quality raw materials are light, but heavy raw materials are Poor.


       Misunderstanding 2: Black core paper is the best paper. The main reason for this misunderstanding is that some high-end brands of playing cards in the market use black paper cores, which mistakenly believe that black paper cores are the best. For example, because we saw a few beautiful women wearing yellow clothes, we thought that all the beautiful women in the world wore yellow clothes, or thought that they were all beautiful women wearing yellow clothes. This is a big mistake. Just think about why we don't think black cotton is the best cotton? Because we are familiar with it. Everyone knows that the raw materials for producing paper are nothing more than pulp made from some plants, such as wood pulp, straw pulp, straw pulp, and waste paper pulp made from recycled waste paper. These colors are basically not black, and in most cases are yellow-gray. So how can you turn into black, blue, purple and other colors? The answer is: add pigment. This change does not affect quality.

310gms German black core paper


       Misconception 3: White cardboard is better for poker than for special paper. White cardboard poker manufacturers are usually used to make boxes, not for playing cards. Playing cards should be shuffled constantly during use. The requirements for the elasticity and toughness of the paper are relatively high. Only special paper can be used, and white cardboard can not be used. If you just want to look good, don't use it, then you can use white cardboard.

art paper


       Misconception 4: Embossed paper is a type of paper. Embossing is a production process, not a paper type. All paper can be embossed into a textured paper.

Embossed German paper

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