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Flexo Printing Process For Playing Cards
- Jan 03, 2019 -

For the paper used in early poker cards, except for Zhejiang Ningbo San A Group Co., Ltd., Yangzhou Yuren Paper Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Yuren Paper Co., Ltd., there are papermaking and casting coating processes, and other manufacturers use semi-finished base paper for composite processing to reduce costs. The cast coated paper used for the back and the surface has a wood pulp content of 15%-30%, a base paper of 55-60g/m2, and a cast coating material of 70-75g/m2, which is cost-effective and bright. The middle blue core paper is selected from 100-110g/m2, and is composited with polyvinyl alcohol glue. After drying and calendering, the offset substrate is prepared. The quality of playing cards produced by this process is difficult to guarantee, and has the following disadvantages:

1. In order to use the lower paper printing, the casting process is used to improve the surface smoothness, the product flexibility is not enough, and it is easy to break; the casting material and the glazing material are harmful to the health of consumers, and cannot be like the world famous brand (bee brand). The embossing process is carried out in that way.

2. In the production process, because the offset printing process is used on the casting material, the urethane resin is used for glazing, and the baking is smoothed. What is more, the light can be recognized from the back of the card.

3, after the paper offset printing, it is baked in a free state, can not evenly shrink, so that the die cutting tool size does not match the card surface, the size is not accurate, seriously affecting the quality, which is a common problem of playing card manufacturers.

There must be a major breakthrough in the production process of playing cards. It is necessary to change the single-sheet offset printing to web flexo printing, and the discontinuous process is a continuous process.

Some big brands of playing cards and kings, J, Q, K are observed under a magnifying glass. It is a combination of color blocks, no dots, obviously not offset printing, only flexo printing. Flexo printing is printed with ink, and the adhesion and brightness are very good. The flexo-printed web is fed to the die-cutting machine by the paper storage mechanism, the paper-taking mechanism, the reverse printing, the front and back positioning, the four-color glazing, the calender embossing, the vertical and horizontal cutting, and the collecting and tearing. Completion, overprinting and die cutting are accurate, greatly improving production efficiency, reducing costs and ensuring quality.

At present, many companies in China have begun to use the flexo printing process to produce playing cards, and are widely used in the printing of other products.

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