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China Association For The Advancement Of The India And The New Technology On-site Exchange Meeting Of Intelligent Printing And Packaging
- Nov 24, 2018 -

Members, branches, provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities), India and related organizations:

According to the regulations of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the China Printing Technology Association, the China Printing Technology Association is scheduled to hold the 4th China Council of the Eighth Council and Smart Printing at the Crowne Plaza Shanghai Pudong, Shanghai from December 26th to 27th, 2018. The new technology on-site exchange meeting will be notified as follows.

First, the meeting time

Reported all day on December 26, 2018;

December 27, 2018 (8:30-12:00 am), the Fourth Board of the Eighth Session of the China India Association;

On December 27, 2018 (14:30-17:30 pm), he went to Gauss Graphic Printing System (China) Co., Ltd. for a visit. In the Goss Graphic Printing System (China) Co., Ltd., held a new technology report meeting on smart printing and packaging, and conducted on-site exchange of new technologies for smart printing and packaging. After the meeting, return to the hotel to participate in the "Gauss Night" dinner;

After breakfast on December 28, 2018, delegates will return on their own.

Second, the meeting place

Crowne Plaza Shanghai Jiangong Pujiang (3701, Chenxing Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, 021-33293688).

Third, the participants

Invited leaders of the relevant departments of the Central Propaganda Department (National Press and Publication Administration), all directors of the China Association for the Advancement of the People's Republic of China, the China Electronics Association's Board of Supervisors, the heads of various branches and the Secretary-General; specially invited representatives; the old leaders of the China India Association, consultants of the Association, the provinces ( District, city) Chairman of the Indian Association or vice chairman (Secretary-General or Deputy Secretary-General); member representatives and invited representatives; representatives of printing enterprises and institutions; the number of participants is about 350.

Fourth, the main content of the meeting

1. To consider and approve the 2018 work summary of the China Association for the Advancement of India and the work plan for 2019;

2. Review and approve the implementation of the 2018 financial budget and the 2019 financial budget;

3. To consider and approve the changes of the directors and standing directors of the association;

4. Report other related work items of the association.

V. Related matters

1. The meeting does not arrange a pick-up station, please attend the meeting place by yourself.

2. Participation will charge a meeting fee of 600 yuan / person (please use the bank transfer in advance), the participants will take care of themselves. Accommodation standards are shared by double standard rooms. If you need to live alone, please fill in the difference between the single rooms.

3. Account information

Account Name: China Printing Technology Association

Bank of deposit: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Beijing Xizhimen Sub-branch

Account opening account: 0200065009200117889

Please fill in the invoice information in the receipt.

4. Please arrange the time for the participants to ensure that they attend (or send representatives to attend) the meeting, whether to stay, please be sure to complete the meeting receipt and reply before December 12.

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