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Cambodia, One Of The Most Casinos In The World
- Jan 05, 2019 -

Cambodia is one of the countries with the largest number of casinos in the world. There are a large number of legal casinos in the country, most of which are concentrated in the border areas of Vietnam and Thailand. Every day, a large number of tourists come to visit.


Two Casinos have to mention the gambling industry in Cambodia.

One is Cambodia's largest casino, the Golden World. Because the gold world is too famous, the money is earned too much.

The other is the online gambling of Chinese people in Cambodia, because there are too many news to be caught.

Hong Kong-listed Golden Circle Holdings (03918) operates NagaWorld, the only integrated hotel and casino entertainment city in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It holds a casino license until 2065 and enjoys a 200-kilometer radius within Phnom Penh before its expiration in 2035. The exclusive casino management rights have certain advantages in the geographical area.

cambodian casino

Jinjie Holdings released its 2016 quarterly operating data: the company's total revenue was 532 million US dollars, an increase of 5.98%. Net profit attributable to shareholders was 184.2 million US dollars, an increase of about 7% year-on-year. Both revenue and profit hit record highs.

According to local Cambodian laws, it is illegal for Cambodian nationals to gamble in casinos.

Golden World Holdings’ gaming revenues are mainly from foreign tourists, with Vietnam, China and Laos being the largest source of tourists. 

cambodian casinos

There are more and more Chinese casinos in Cambodia, and thanks to some actions taken by the Chinese anti-corruption movement, the traditional gaming center in Asia, Macau, has lost its appeal. Chinese gamblers who have gambled in Macau have plummeted, and many Chinese gamblers have chosen to go to other National casinos to enjoy a more free and safer game.

Cambodia has enough conditions to attract wealthy Chinese gamblers, spectacular Angkor Wat and Khmer Rouge killings, and Westport's world-class beaches, the most suitable country for Asian gamblers.

At present, all Asian countries with casinos, including Singapore, South Korea and Cambodia, are striving for Chinese gamblers.


Because China prohibits gambling, the violent profits of gambling are no less than drugs.

As a result, more and more Chinese have gone to online gambling in countries such as Cambodia, the Philippines, and Laos where there is no gambling in Southeast Asia.

These online gaming practitioners are all setting up a website to promote online marketing in China, so that more and more Chinese people go online to their websites for online gambling.

In the news, I often saw how many online scams captured in Cambodia and were sent back to China.

In fact, these are just the tip of the iceberg.

Gambling is a kind of attachment to human nature. Greed is the rationality of gambling. The root of all lies in yourself.

For the gambling practitioners to be so profitable, the key point is that the gamblers are too greedy.

The external cause is secondary, and the internal cause is fundamental. In China, various laws and regulations have been set up to ban gambling. Because of the huge profits of gambling, there are still people who risk their minds to let you participate in gambling. 


Casinos on the Cambodian Thai border:

Thailand bans gambling, which has welcomed many Thai guests on the Cambodian border.

Location: It is just over 2 hours drive from the tourist resort of Pattaya to the Cambodian Entertainment Gaming Special Zone. It is only over an hour's drive from the Cambodian tourist city of Angkor, which has the 7 wonders of the world


There are a lot of competitions among the nine international entertainment gaming groups, including Star Entertainment Gaming Group, Crown Group Entertainment Gaming, Genting Group and Macau Ho Group.

Casinos on the Cambodian-Vietnamese border:

Vietnam has allowed foreign investors to operate casinos in China since 2003. Vietnam’s Ministry of Finance report shows that there are about 50 casinos across Vietnam so far, but none of these casinos are open to Vietnamese.


A Vietnamese law stipulates that if a guest is included in a casino, including Vietnamese, a fine of 2 million VND will be imposed on the operator and a fine of 1 million VND will be imposed on the individual (1 VD 407 or approximately US$47) .

Therefore, in order to avoid the fine, this part of the Vietnamese have ran to the casinos in neighboring Cambodia.


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