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Board Games Of 4 Thousand Years Ago, The Ancient Chessboard Remains Outside The Caucasus
- Jan 04, 2019 -

According to the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Walter Crist, a scholar at the American Museum of Natural History, found a nomadic cave in the Gobustan National Park in Azerbaijan, with a manually carved hole in a rock plane. Grain. Azerbaijan is located in the southern part of the Caucasus Mountains and has been inhabited since the late Stone Age. In the Bronze Age, the nomads of the area began to have contact with people in the vicinity of West Asia. 

Dr. Crist said: "This is quite similar to the 58-hole game that I used to know." The 58-hole game, also known as "Hounds and Jackals," is popular in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, close to today's Syria. It is the gathering place of ancient civilizations in the West Asia region. Although the Abu Dhabi Gobstein National Park is listed on one of UNESCO's World Heritage Lists, it is still quite surprising to find a 4,000-year-old “board game” here. Because in the past, there are no records related to ancient games. Dr. Crist believes that "the game has the function of cross-cultural and social lubricants." Therefore, this discovery also pointed out that the human gathering places of the two ancient civilizations had exchange relations in ancient times. 

Dr. Crist discovered this ancient chessboard ruin while studying the "Hounds and Jackals" game. At the time he was in an online magazine in Azerbaijan, he saw photos of the remains of "Hounds and Jackals". After contacting the relevant units in Eastern Europe, he decided to proceed from the United States and personally went to the shooting area of the photo for exploration. But when he arrived, he found that the land had been filled for residential development. The relevant unit told Dr. Crist that in one of the national parks in Azerbaijan, there is still a vestige similar to the photograph. When Dr. Crist arrived at the site, he immediately recognized the relationship between the ruins of the board and the "hound and wolf". He believed that the ruins of the board were the original version of "hound and wolf".

"Hounds and Jackals" are played by two players, each with pebbles or small stones as markers, moving along the trajectory of the two holes. The goal of the game is to move the markers to the end. It is the ancestor of modern Backgammon. . Although there are no game-related instructions on the back of this board, the researcher cannot prove the rules and goals of the game. But Dr. Crist believes that the ultimate goal of the game is actually a link between people. “Moving pebbles on a slate does not affect daily life, but it can be beneficial to communicate with others. The game is actually an interactive tool. Just like language, it is a way to share and interact with others. Dr. Crist also said that from the style of the game board, its history can be traced back to the Bronze Age. However, it has not been further confirmed by more advanced dating techniques. 

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