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AI Poker Korea's First Launch Subverts The Traditional Online Poker Business Model
- Jan 01, 2019 -


This project was disclosed at the ‘99EX Global Launch Conference and Project Briefing. The 99EX trading platform is the first exchange launched by the ‘Open and Win-Win Exchange Plan’, led by OKEX, the world's leading digital currency exchange. AIPoker became one of the first global quality projects selected by 99EX.

The AIPoker team has more than 10 years of experience in 'Online Poker' in Greater China. The team has created online game platforms, offline events, poker clubs, industry media, TV shows and games around Texas Hold'em. The business model of joint operations such as training has built the prototype of the Chinese Texas poker game industry.

At the same time, they also landed the ‘CPC China Poker Game Carnival’ offline event in Hainan, China. CPC is also one of the few public sports events certified by China. Up to now, the event has been held for five times, attracting more than 10,000 players from all over the world. Among them, only the 2017 CPC Main Event bonus exceeded $1.6 million. AIPoker's technical team also developed its own large-scale offline game management system Match Manager for thousands of players to manage the event.

With an in-depth understanding of the online poker industry, this team is actively embracing cutting-edge technology. AIPoker is the first heavyweight project they used to subvert the traditional 'online poker game'.

The team said that AIPoker's core gameplay is based on their exclusive technology patents. This personally conscious AI automation strategy system will revolutionize the way traditional online poker games are played.

At the heart of this technology patent is the creation of a 'strategy' by the user. The machine will accurately apply the player's card-making strategy to dozens of hundreds of game games simultaneously. This means that the number of game games that players can participate in per unit time will increase significantly. For novice players, they can participate in the game by selecting the high win rate strategy in the leaderboard. Once the victory is achieved, the player who writes the strategy will receive a revenue share.

AI Poker's big data system will use the visual chart to feedback the statistics of the strategy to the players, so that players can summarize and improve their strategic steps, and improve the tactical level in the online game. AIPoker also uses more in-depth methods, such as comparing data mining, simulating machine learning, etc., to provide expert-level strategy optimization advice.

The AIPoker team believes that the open and transparent nature of blockchain technology will help the online poker industry solve a series of difficult problems that have been difficult to overcome, such as payment and exchange difficulties, player cheating, and platform cheating.

Blockchain technology will first solve the problem of convenient payment channels for legitimate poker players around the world. At AIPoker, players can not only use AIPoke's platform to pass AIG to participate in the game, but also use Bitcoin, Ethereum and other mainstream currencies to exchange AIG.

The multiple hashes with the block ID will be used as the seed of the random number to ensure the randomness of the game shuffle and deal in each game. The strategy used by the player and the results of each step of the decision are recorded. The link and hash of this record are permanently written to the blockchain and cannot be changed and can be traced back at any time. Ensure fairness and fairness.

DongWang, chairman of the AIGame Foundation, said that blockchain technology and games are naturally matched. The foundation's first project, AIPoker, is determined to use blockchain technology to change the industry's ambitions, not just the simplicity of gaming chips.

“AI Poker wants to value the wisdom and contribution of the players. We understand the poker players in the traditional currency world, and AIPoker can solve the general problem faced by existing blockchain game projects: the size of existing digital currency users. To enable users of traditional monetary system to migrate to digital currency asset owners."

“The greater determination of AIPoker will be reflected in the business model of the entire project community. We have created the GRANDJACKPOT business model. AIPoker does not benefit from operating income and 100% of the revenue is returned to the community.”

Wang also said that ‘the player is the owner of AIPoker. Only collectively discussing democratic autonomy and deciding all the affairs of the community can shape the community-based business ecology. ’

It is understood that the AI Poker online poker game platform has been under intense development, and the first community version for community users will be available in early 2019.

AI Poker is the first AI poker game launched by AIGame. In the near future, AIGame Foundation will continue to expand other types of AI games, such as AI strategy games, AI chess games. The AIGame Foundation will also open source AI technology in the community, encouraging community members to create more AI-based puzzle games in line with the spirit of AIPoker technology, while cooperating with many valuable backbones and game projects to create bigger and bigger. The vast AIG commercial space.

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