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A High School Boy Can Remember A Deck Of Cards For 32 Seconds.
- Jan 06, 2019 -

More than a year ago, he was an ordinary middle school student. He liked to recite ancient poems and maps in his spare time. Today, at the 27th World Brainpower Championships, which was just finished, he won the title of “World Memory Master” with a total score of 3,358 points in 10 competitions.

His name is Zhang Renzhen, an ordinary student of Class 3 of Chongqing No. 8 Middle School, who will be 16 years old.

The World Brainpower Championship is the world's highest level brainstorming event organized by the World Brain Sports Council (WMSC). There are ten projects in the competition, including random numbers, binary numbers, fast poker, random words, abstract graphics and so on.

What amazing memory do you need to be a master of world memory?

For example: 1040 random numbers can be remembered in 1 hour; at least 11 decks of cards are remembered in 1 hour; one deck of cards is remembered in 90 seconds; and 10 items in total scores of 3000 points or more.

张韧孜展示获奖证书。重庆晨报 图

Mistakenly hit

Mom "coerced and tempted" to let him learn

In fact, Zhang Resin has been in contact with official memory training to get the title of world master, but it has been more than a year.

“When I was a child, I liked to recite ancient poems. I was also very interested in memorizing maps. I often looked at myself after I saw a map.” But it was not until more than a year ago, because Zhang’s mother wanted to learn the memory course. Enhanced memory, under the leadership of the mother Lei self-reliance, Zhang Renqi began to carry out systematic memory training by mistake.

When he first started learning the memory method, Zhang Resin had a strong interest in memory poker. When he was traveling, he was free to spend time. He relied on memory poker to pass the time on the plane.

This summer, Zhang Renzhen participated in a month of memory training camp. It didn't take long for him to retreat. "Before, in the midst of intense study, spending more than an hour a day to conduct memory training is a kind of relaxation, but in the training camp every day is boring training, the conditions are tough. The other campers are also very powerful. I think the gap is quite big."

Zhang Renzhen called her mother and wanted to go home. She was rejected by her mother. In desperation, he only devoted himself to training. Gradually, he entered the state and the class ranking continued to improve.

"I think, since it is here, it is necessary to gain something." Every day, the teacher asked to practice 30 groups, Zhang Tingyu added himself to the code, and began to rest after finishing 40 groups. A simulation test, Zhang Renqi scored top-notch, he is more determined to persist in the confidence.

At the end of the training camp, he returned to school. In addition to studying in a tense high school, Zhang Renqi still insisted on an hour of training time every day. In the first domestic trial in October, Zhang Renyi won 7 gold medals and 2 silver medals in 10 projects, becoming the champion of the junior group.

Lei Zili is a civil servant. She recalls that after she came into contact with memory on the Internet a year ago, she felt very interesting. Plus, children need a lot of memory training when they enter junior high school. This is definitely helpful for learning. "At first, my son was somewhat repulsed. As a parent, he could only force him to study. After attending the training camp in Beijing, the child gradually got better. He came back and told me that he had some memories of memory learning."

At the same time, Lei Zili also signed up for the online class study for himself. "In more than a year of study, he has already left me behind." But now Lei Zili still insists on daily punching exercises.

张韧孜进行“快速扑克”测试。上游新闻记者 高科 摄

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