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2018 China International All-India Exhibition Grand Opening, Thousands Of Brands Share The World's Strongest Printing
- Nov 03, 2018 -

            Under the guidance of government departments in charge of the Central Propaganda Department, Ministry of Commerce, with the participation of representatives of all areas of printing and packaging exhibitors, the full support of all my colleagues, the Seventh China International All in Print China on the morning of October 24th in Shanghai new international Expo Center opened, 300 guests attended the opening ceremony of the seventh China international All in print China. Shanghai Municipal Committee, the Publicity Department of Shanghai Zhou Huilin behalf Welcome to professionals around the world printing industry, China Printing Technology Association chairman Wang Yan Bin, China Guoxin Holding Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Fan-new, Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai ) General Manager Zeng Yiu speech on behalf of the organizers, deputy director of the National Committee of the CPPCC and learning literature and history culture Yan Xiaohong announced the seventh China international All in print China opened. Former State Administration of Radio, Press and Publication Secretary Liu Xiaokai printing and distribution, import management Secretary Jiang Mao Ning, deputy director of digital publishing Feng Hongsheng, Deputy Minister of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Wang Ya-yuan, director of the Shanghai Press and Publication Bureau Xu Jiong, the Central Propaganda Department and Publication Bureau Director of Research at Jiang Jianmin, Director of the Division printed and distributed a printed copy of the former State Press and publication Administration of Radio Road Chau, Director of management Services Rights management Division of law enforcement Zhao Jie, China printing equipment industries Association Xu Jianguo, China printing technology Association honorary chairman Wu Wenxiang, executive vice president Chuting Liang, vice president of the China packaging Federation Wang Li, China printing Museum curator SUN Bao-lin, the Party secretary of Beijing Institute of Graphic Jin-hong, president of the Shanghai printing industry Association, Li Xinli, China Academy of printing technology Dean Zhao Pengfei, Beijing Branch General Manager of media culture Co., Ltd. and India often Xiaoxia and other leaders and guests attended. Chen Yan, director and general manager of China Cultural Industry Development Group, presided over the opening ceremony.

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