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2018 Beijing Citizens Poker Competition Ended Successfully
- Dec 30, 2018 -


Recently, it was hosted by Beijing Social Sports Management Center, Shanghai Yaoji Poker Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Wanshengda Poker Co., Ltd., Qidong Yaoji Poker Industry Co., Ltd., Jinsong Sub-district Office, Red Star Macalline Beijing Extreme Mall, China Collection Organized by the Association of Poker Collection Committee, Beijing Ruizhi Xiangyun Advertising Co., Ltd., co-organized by Beijing Community Sports Association, and supported by Shanghai Chengyu Information Technology Co., Ltd. 2018 Beijing citizen Yao Ji Wanshengda Poker Contest at Red Star Macalline Beijing Extreme Mall After the successful conclusion, the poker players from all walks of life gathered together to celebrate the friendship and friendship. After intense and intense competition, Lu Yingjie and Zhang Guizhen won the fourth place, Yang Hongyu and Chen Jun won the third place, Gao Jie and Zhao. Dawn won the second place, Gao Nan and Ning Yanqi won the first place, and the winners received the exquisite gifts provided by many companies. The event ended successfully in a lively and peaceful atmosphere!

The Yao Ji Wanshengda Poker Contest is not only a boutique traditional event, but also an intellectual movement that enriches ideas, enhances interaction and is good for the brain. The poker competition is a sport that is gender-neutral and suitable for all ages. Participants have said that every year Participating in the Yao Ji Poker Contest has become a festival every year. Through the usual competitions, you have the opportunity to participate in the finals, which is a recognition of our daily training results. The atmosphere of the game was very active. The players worked closely together and calmly. The two sides competed in the game, and they were more serious than the wisdom, the results, the friendship, the bystanders and the cheering fans. The site also carried out the Q&A of poker culture knowledge. The players participated actively. The poker contest has been successfully held for 13 consecutive years. It promoted the intellectual movement, enriched the cultural connotation of the poker culture, and built a platform for public health entertainment and leisure interaction. At the same time, the card members strengthened their communication.

2018 Yao Ji·Wanshengda Poker Competition is based on Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Henan, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Anhui, Fujian, Shandong, Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong, Chongqing and Sichuan. Set up Yaoji Poker Club platform to jointly set up offline physical events. At the same time, with the online game support provided by Shanghai Chengyu Information Technology Co., Ltd., online and offline complement each other to meet the different needs of the majority of friends. The event was hosted by the Queen of Chess and the Vice President of the Capital Institute of Physical Education, Ms. Xie Jun, who was the chief referee of the Chinese brand Wang Zhengshun, who had created a number of poker and mahjong Guinness world records. The competition advocated green sports, healthy entertainment and promotion. Friendship, building harmony, and promoting the development of intellectual sports, the poker competition is listed as a national fitness program officially promoted by the State Sports General Administration. It is to enrich the public cultural life, regulate the high-speed modern urban rhythm, harmonious neighborhood relations, and promote social harmony. The role. As a listed company, Shanghai Yaoji Poker Co., Ltd. always cares about the society and returns to the society. It supports education, culture, sports, helping the elderly, helping the poor and many other social welfare undertakings. Advancing with the times, innovating and developing, leading the world and The great development of China's poker industry, small poker, big market, and big culture, "Yao Ji" has made outstanding contributions to the Chinese national enterprise and national brand in the forefront of the world. The competition also received strong support from Yibao Drinking Water, Wang Laoji, DiGree Wine, Jinsong Oral, Yakult, Yao Ke Toothbrush, 505 Medicine and Health Products, Lihua Fast Food, Beijing Hengan Chinese Medicine Hospital. The competition features government guidance and enterprises. Power, public participation, professional operation, social forces to run public sports and 

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